Lost Marbles?

He said I lost all my marbles I started to cry, Really weep As I remembered the marbles I owned as a tot. I wondered how he knew Perhaps he was a clairvoyant. No, he definitely was a psychic Oh, but those marbles Red, white, blue and yellow, they were. Their colours reminded me of Superman Or rather Supergirl -because, feminism (duh!) oh my marbles. One by one they disappeared… Lost forever in the dusty meadows of Soroti

Darkness Death

My Rose

Dear Rose I won’t ask how you are doing, I mean, I really don’t need to. It’s been what, 15 years, since we last spoke? Back then, with all the hope and naivety that comes with being young, I thought the world wouldn’t let me down. Though I guess it had let me down long before you up and left. Big lesson in life that was, learning that the world doesn’t owe me anything, considering it was here first. However, I thought you wouldn’t let me down. I mean, out of all the people in the world…

Poetry Tublogginge

He won’t let me leave

Maybe I shouldn’t, maybe I should. I know I must and yet I mustn’t For my own sanity, for my own sake. I know I must, but then I won’t? A step forward, no more behind. Maybe he’ll come for me. When I finally get the courage to leave his house. Do I want that? I’m not so sure… Maybe he won’t though Oh but he’s charming, the little voice whispers. This little voice I’ve grown to loathe. Yet it’s apart of my very being. SHUT IT, my inner aggressive speaks. But I have to admit, he is charming. He’ll …

Adolescent Health Twefugge


This week, I wasn’t feeling well and I decided to go seek help at a local clinic. I found the nurse occupied with a young girl of about fourteen. Unfortunately or fortunately, whichever way you look at it, this particular clinic doesn’t have a ‘doctor’s room’. I swear i did not mean to eavesdrop but my ears are big and they picked up what the young girl was saying. This is was what she said; It hurts when I pee. And it really itches down there. I don’t know when it all started. I cannot, in all honesty, pinpoint the …



She was from a poor family. They lived in a two-roomed house in Bwaise that would flood whenever the rains came. Her mother could barely afford rent, let alone fees. But she was determined that her children would go to school. She was determined that her children would not end up like her. So she worked two jobs. At a fish factory during the day and at night, she sold tomatoes in the kalerwe market. She was often too tired to do any mothering by the time she came back home, late in the night.



On days that seem to go on and on, I cannot imagine sweating over a charcoal stove trying to cook supper, when I finally get back home. I usually just go to my rolex* guy at the roadside and supper is set. Yesterday was such a day. So in the evening I just trudged to the roadside to look for supper. As I stood aside watching the rolex guy work his magic, I noticed that the next stall was occupied by a young boy, about twelve, thirteen years old. I realized he was helping the stall owner. My curiosity pickled, I …



First Term: March This is not it. This cannot be it. It’s not what is written in all those novels. The Mills and boon and all those other novels with the half-naked couples on them.  Am I not supposed to be tingling all over?  Or as the books say, ‘….in places that she didn’t even know existed…’ The books’ heroines spoke of a release like none they had never felt before, yet all i feel is pain and shame And I’m sure it’s supposed to last more than just one minute. This is very disappointing and embarrassing. I should probably …

Death Love Story Luurve Tublogginge

Day Five: Someone please help me find a fitting tittle for this Story

Continued from day three SANDRA Sandra sat on the ground listlessly staring as the paramedics lifted Kenneth’s body from the ground onto the gurney. She didn’t feel the rain as it started to fall. Her bridesmaids tried to pry her from the ground. But she didn’t put in any effort. She started to cry when his body was put into a body bag. But then she saw the man who was responsible for Kenneth’s death. The man who was now looking so remorseful, his eyes downcast. Surrounded by his co-conspirators. Her brothers. She was filled with rage. One that she …

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