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My hidden talent?
I don’t think that I have a hidden talent. Actually…….
All my talents are on display.
So instead, I’ll list all the talents I know about.
I can sing… Its one thing that I love to do. I talked about it in this post. I started singing when I was a little kid. I used to lock myself in the bedroom, turn the radio up and pretend that I was a pop star..using whatever I could as a microphone, I especially liked Samantha Mumba. I get major stage fright though.


My dad tells me my love for reading and research is a gift/talent. I just used to think that I was the weird girl that just had to know everything. I, apparently inherited this love for reading from my grandfather.


As I’ve said before, I don’t consider myself a writer. I’m just a girl that enjoys to read…out of this compulsion, as if, to read, was born the idea that maybe I could create. That and I hear voices in my head….that’s how this wonderful story was born, I kept hearing Di’s voice in my head.


I used to dance, no seriously, I have some moves. I will not show you these moves….but yeah, I gat moves.


So yeah, these are the talents I do know about. Tomorrow, I’m back to fashion….

Sayanora lovelies

4 thoughts on “Hidden Talent

  1. Talent is what pays in this world…. Careers, in my opinion is just a way to introduce you to opportunities and give you choices for self improvement. Talent is the real deal. Having fun is the thing. Go on girl! This is a great piece..

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