Growing Pains

An Alien To The Status Quo

Pocket Full of Shy (Verse 5)

Okay, so I’m continuing this from Kyagaba’s #chain 3
But it was started by Dj Twonjex and verse 2 was by Kirabo and then it was continued by Patricia Kahill and Shanita Kyagaba
Here it goes….my continuation

Oh the zone…
The friend zone
The smile you have reserved for someone else
The eyes that light up for someone else
Someone who isn’t me
“You’re like a sister”
You say..
I smile,
But I’m broken inside
For I am not
Who you want
I am not who you love
The who you speak of
With such adoration
My identity now;
The sister, the best friend
The one who isn’t her
Oh I wish
You’d look at me that way
But to you
I’m invisible.


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