Death Love Story Luurve

Day Three: The story with no title as yet.

I am very proud of myself. I’m all patting myself on the back, I made it to day 3 y’all!!! Without flaking out or getting lazy!!!! ….I hope it’s not a premature celebration though. Day 3… i share the first installment of a story I’m writing, just for just. I don’t have a title for it yet but I hope you enjoy it.


The Statistic

Day Two I started to write fiction when I was a teenager. At the time I thought I could write a the next best greatest teen romance novel. A better version of sweet valley high as it were… first attempt wasn’t that good but I guess I got better with time. My post today is a story I wrote for the first edition of the Dennis Assimwe’s Notes* short story writing competition and I am proud to say I came 7th!!! How? I’m still not sure…but this is my story, titled, The Statistic.

Poetry Tublogginge


Hello peeps Welcome to my #ugblogweek. This is the first of 7 posts and I pray I that I don’t flake out. *Deep breath* sooo here goes nothing….. I am not a poet…not at all. The last time I tried to write a poem it went something like; corruption corruption corruption why are you in our country! It’s terrible I know, but in my defense I was ten

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