What if
What if this had happened
What if I had said this
What if I had done that
What if I had been born male
What if I had not done what I did
What if, what if, what if..

It’s pointless to have regrets.
This is a lesson I’ve had to learn painfully.
The most important lesson I think I’ve learnt is that the regrets are waste of time.
Although, if there’s one thing I’m protective of its my heart so of course I berate myself for any decision I make that may put my heart in danger of being broken….so of course I do have moments of regrets, of self pity.
Moments of pain brought about by memories that I had long buried but not buried well enough.
I protect my heart because it’s being held together by duct tape and some office glue, I think.
Hey, I’m human.
But I know that whatever decisions made in the past….
Whatever pain I felt back then… Whatever choices I made…
Have all led me to this point in my life….. Twenty Seven and wiser.
I refuse to cry over spilt milk.
Remember Lot’s wife, I think regret made her look back but…becoming a pillar of salt ain’t worth it.
Its been a while my beautiful people. And its been a busy couple of days for me. But I’m back on track with this blogging challenge.
And I’m left with 5 days to complete this challenge and somehow I know that I’m going to miss it.
Remember to live a life of no regrets.


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