Growing Pains

An Alien To The Status Quo

In The Name Of God?

The things people will do in the name of God. The atrocities people will justify in the name of God. The Knights of the Templar killed in the name of God, jihads have been waged in the name of God. Domination of a whole race has been justified in the name of God. The Spanish Inquisition happened, in the name of God. And you, you stand there, with your belt raised high, ready to strike a weak one, IN THE NAME OF GOD!

You, your silver tongue and Bible laced pick up lines.
“Now I know why Solomon had seven hundred wives, he’d never met you.”
You, your smiling mouth, convincing my poor mother that it didn’t matter that I was just seventeen, God had already ordained it….that you would be my husband.
She believed you, I did too. Who would want to stand against the word of God, spoken by his mouthpiece, His representative on earth, you…. Prophet Bishop Apostle, Man of God!
“The man of God said, Sara, we therefore must heed what he says. I don’t want any curses on my head, do you?”
You who wormed your way into my heart and like a parasite took everything good about me.
You, who calls me and all other women the weaker sex….stupid, good for nothing but to keep your bed warm and keeping your greedy tummy fed and giving birth to children. Children that have to be sons because, “girls are useless creatures.”
“God gave man dominion over everything on earth. Including you women, my dear. So yes I dominate you.”
The word women unpleasant taste on your tongue.
“The bible says women should submit to their husbands, don’t you dare talk back to me, submit to my will.”
“If it weren’t for your kind, we would still be in the beautiful garden of Eden.”
“Don’t break your brain thinking, you are a woman. You’re not supposed to think at all.”
You broke me. You killed my self esteem. You’re the monster that made me believe that I am worth nothing.
Is it any wonder that I did what I did? Is it any wonder that I found someone who makes me feel like I am something, that I am not the waste of space you made me believe I was. A person that makes me someone when you had made me nothing.
A person that gave me back the backbone that you had crushed underneath your heel.
So raise your hand all you want you spineless bully. That is what you are, a bully.
Inflate your ego all you want, make yourself big in your eyes by beating on the weaker one…go on and ‘prove your manhood’ you righteous man of your god.
But I won’t play your game anymore.
I refuse to be nothing anymore. I won’t be crushed beneath your feet anymore.
I am worth more than that.
I am a woman.
And I may be a sinner honey, but you, you are the devil.


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