Book Review: Kunda

Author: Rachael A.Z Mutabingwa Genre: Speculative Fiction Book Blurb: It is 1975, and it is 1850.The Twijuk family is trapped on the front lines of a civil war, and a terminal illness.AndKunda, the pregnant daughter of a Life-Witness is torn between her love for a former pirate and her duty as a half-spirit.

I Caught The Bouquet!

My friend got married this past weekend. And it was a beautiful ceremony. The weather was perfect for the outdoor wedding and ceremony. The bride was beautiful. The food was…. wedding food. I somehow managed to get a dress that cost me less than a dollar (UGX3000). It was amazing!

How Social Media Affects Self Esteem..

By Bolaji Gelax Earlier this year, before the whole world was thrown into disarray, I was having my usual debate on WhatsApp where I bring up topics and encourage my contacts to share their thoughts. This particular day, the conversation was quite intense but out of the blues, one of my sisters, Curio, sent me…