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Hello peeps, a cheery May to you! Okay so I wasn’t exactly tagged for this but a frowny emoji on Karen’s post had her (technically) nominating me in the comment section. She’s a rule breaker, that one and now here I am breaking rules too. She’s also one of the coolest people I have the pleasure of knowing. She’s so cool she makes ice look hot. Check out her blog to experience some of this coolness. Wuno…Karen


Ekyi Love?

The impossible has happened I’ve fallen in love! Bring out the confetti Let the fanfare begin How about those vuvuzelas? Blow them till your chests hurt Even those firimbis Blow them till your cheeks hurt. Why, you ask? I am in love Heck, Trump can now be president But it looks like he’ll lead, nay rule the free world That would be a travesty, like seriously But I do not care! I’m in love L-O-V-E Hehe, seems like the impossible is happening all round People! I’m in love!

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