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Day 8: My Current Goals

Its a new week, well in terms of this blog challenge it is and the past seven days have just been, wow! I have learnt the true meaning of the word challenge.
We push forward nonetheless.
Today I’m meant write about 5 of my current goals. So here goes…..


1. I first shared this as a dream job on Day 4 of this challenge. But really its a goal. I would love more than anything to run a homeless shelter.
The thought/idea came to me one very early morning as I was home bound after overnight prayers. When I saw a whole street full of people who were using cardboards as blankets. I was thinking of a warm bed as I stumbled along the street but here were people who didn’t have that basic comfort some of us take for granted. I purposed there then to build a home that would give these people a warm bed and some hot food.

2. I’m not mad, I promise. Well actually for this goal I have to be just little bit insane.
My education goals. (Dun dun dun!)
I have a few certificates under my belt, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Online forex trading….I’m a networking associate, via Cisco and also a certified Yellow belt in lean sigma six and with just one degree in petroleum geoscience and production, I’m just getting started.
I’m currently studying to be a certified public accountant, while also hoping to be a web developer…
Why? You ask. I have this unexplained love to study. I don’t like taking tests like the next student, but I enjoy studying and my goal is to have at least 4 degrees, 3 Masters and 2 PhDs.
My next degree will be in environmental studies. With The Donald saying global warming is a Chinese hoax, now more than ever we need to sensitize the world about climate change before we don’t have a world to save.

3. I’m planning a book, one that would address the issues that a Ugandan Christian millennial faces on a daily basis. Hopefully by year ends, I’ll have finished. It was inspired by this little story I wrote last year around this time. Morning After


4. The fourth goal of this here, my life, is to travel….mehn I’d like to travel. All I’ve ever known are the plains of my very very beautiful Uganda. But as much as I love my country, I want to see other places as well. My dream destination is Cyprus!


So there, these are the 4 goals I could think of. Have a good night people.

22 days to go!



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