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30-Day Blogging Challenge. Day 2: 20 Facts About Me

Okay people, day 2 is here, let’s do this!

1. I am a Christian.
2. I am a reading junkie. I read about three books a week these days. This number has gone down, it used be five or six books a week. Growing up sucks!
3. I’ve been told I smile too much. I’m always smiling, even when I’m crying.
4. I do not consider myself a writer, I’m just a person who loves to read and out of that love for reading was born the need to create.
5. I am the second of five children, the first of three children and the first of five children, confusing right?
6. I just can’t resist throwing this out there, I am petroleum geoscientist.
7. My favorite African Writer is Abidemi Sanusi, her book Eyo is the very first book I’ve ever reviewed check it out HERE
8. I love to stare at nothing and everything.
9. There’s a zone I love so much, its called the friend zone.
10. This is the second blog I have run, the first one…..let’s just say I’m not a fan of the blogger app, but I did love it, you can find it HERE
11. I enjoy learning new things. And this led me to try out interesting things. Last year I learnt how to make ice cream! So Beaton, may be we can have some ice cream in the rain?
12. I consider telenovelas comedies.
13. I’d rather read a book than watch a movie.
14. I’ve been to club only once. It was such a bad experience, I swore never to go back. I left that place with the worst headache I’ve ever, ever felt. I’m talking migraine bad.
15. My dad calls me a freak of nature, the weirdo of weirdos and I call myself a twisted specimen.
16. I have a weird Dad. He’s going to read this post and say thank you. (Weeeeeeeird!)
17. I can sing but I get too much stage fright.
18. I’m a cheap date, just a walk in a quiet neighborhood and some ice cream (what’s life without ice cream) and I’m set
19. I love watching the Bachelor.
20. Last and certainly not least, I love music! I can’t do without it.

Okay 28 days to go, phweeeeeks! This is going to be really hard mehn!

13 thoughts on “30-Day Blogging Challenge. Day 2: 20 Facts About Me

  1. Heeeeey day two….. yey lol.
    hmmm lets see, I read lots too ha!
    you smile when you cry, ??? who does that?? that’s just weird its kinda cute but creepy cute …..
    whats second of five, the first of three and also the first of five,
    sounds like a riddle from Harry Potter.

    a geo petro what? isn’t that a fancy name for a rock collector lol in lay man terms that is……

    PS ice cream in the rain sounds delicious, a little messy and oh so simple …. thanks for the invitation.

    1. Hahahaha…..yes geo petro is a fancy name for rock collector. Its not a riddle from Harry Potter but rather my family situation, Lol and thaaaaanks 😎

  2. 1: I play back conversations i have had with people during the day when i get home at night. I remember everything that people say to me about me or about themselves. I mostly obssess about things that i said to them, and how i said it .
    2: I do not like any form of attention (okay maybe a little from loved one) . I prefer to walk through life unnoticed.
    3: I tend to have lots of ideas and thoughts going on in my mind for people but i never share them. I have solutions to a lot of things that i do not share.

  3. Hey Mable, Me and you could be besties ( Let not this total internet stranger freak you out, we just have a lot in common :-).) Do you have any Abidemi Sanusi books on soft copy? or you could let me know where I could get them.. I would really appreciate it.

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