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30-Day Challenge: Day 4, My Dream Job

4 down, 25 26 days  to go…Eh! For sure this is challenge.


Today I’m supposed to tell you about my dream job.

My dream job is one where I don’t have to work but the money keeps rolling in anyway. Isn’t that everyone’s dream? No one else? Just me? Hoookaaaay…

Seriously though, I have more than one dream job.
The first is where I am an editor. For books particularly….newspaper editors are another breed all together. As I said before, I do not consider myself a writer but I can spot a gem from a mile away! And I believe beyond belief that I can help a writer reach his/her potential… Possible employers, please refer to this post…..


I am also a full time curious being. And I’m one of those annoying students that love to learn. So if I could, I’d be a professional student.

Finally, what’s life without helping the unfortunate….my dream job is to run a homeless shelter. And I know that this will be realized at one point or another.

Till tomorrow

4 thoughts on “30-Day Challenge: Day 4, My Dream Job

  1. My dream job is to be multi -talented and active forever. that means, i want to be a Dr,Lecturer,engineer,Architect,Builder,surgeon,hairstylist,wife,mother,student,writer all in one….whatever word defines that

  2. my dream job would be one where I get paid to do things I love, lay in bed all day with a good book, good music and a chilled beverage of an intoxicating nature…. and scribble a few of my own and tweet about it.

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