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Death Life

Dear Alex…

Dear Alex, Its been a while since we last spoke. Three years to be exact. I still remember the last conversation as clearly as if it were just yesterday. You called me to find out if my birthday was in August. It isn’t. However, I wish everyday that I had said that it was. And not just for the red velvet cake you would have bought me but also for the chance to see you one more time.

Darkness Death

My Rose

Dear Rose I won’t ask how you are doing, I mean, I really don’t need to. It’s been what, 15 years, since we last spoke? Back then, with all the hope and naivety that comes with being young, I thought the world wouldn’t let me down. Though I guess it had let me down long before you up and left. Big lesson in life that was, learning that the world doesn’t owe me anything, considering it was here first. However, I thought you wouldn’t let me down. I mean, out of all the people in the world…

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