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Dear Beaton

My dearest Beaton;
I want to immortalize you in the only way I know how, so I have decided to write you a letter.

A letter, I promised to write a year ago but life, adulting and good old plain procrastination got in the way.
Finally, the way is clear, the time is now and theΒ  dictionary has yielded flowery words that I can use, flowery words worthy of you.
I had to dig deep into those dusty old pages….I was crossed eyed this week, thankfully my glasses hid my eyes. Glasses that make me look like a sexy librarian, I’m told….But see only the best will do for you. Donald Trump does not have the best words. That honor belongs to the dictionary, as I found out this week.
I’m rambling…..I tend to that a lot when I’m nervous…
Have I ever told you how much I love That Writer Chic? Well I do….I really do. See, I first came across your name, Beaton, on her blog. In her comment section to be exact. And thus the stalking began….And I quickly fell in love with your style of writing. I mean head over heels, poetry spewing, boom box over my head kind of love….. It was/is more than just a writer’s crush, you see.
Why? you ask… Its the effortless humor. The way you draw the reader in make them (in this case, me) feel like there’s no one else you’d rather be having coffee with. The way you make the most mundane of activities seem like an adventure. The stories you tell…..its also the way you encourage people. The time you take to not only read my attempts at putting a point across but to also comment. Its your friendliness and your big heart. It’s the fact that even never having physically met you, I consider you a good friend (no, I have not friend-zoned you).
I would call us kindred spirits. Do you agree?
Do you believe in reincarnation and past lives? I do not, however the kinship I feel towards you must mean that at some point, in a past life we knew each other. Because even without really knowing you, I feel like I know you (does that make sense?)…
May be we were (and this is the first thing that comes to mind because I’m a hopeless romantic) husband and wife.
I can just picture it in my mind’s eye; In the Africa-of-old setting. You’re a king and I’m your third, but definitely your favorite wife. The first two you had to marry for political reasons and I was your love match. You spend all your time with me talking and planning and laughing, which is frowned upon by the elders because no man should talk to woman like that, let alone a king of a mighty tribe……but you and I, we are rebels….because that’s what we are, rebels.
Or, may be we were twins, born at a time when twins were an abomination, thrown away into a forest, raised by monkeys and surviving because that’s what we are, survivors.
Or may be you were the mad man in the village square, the mad man that could carry a tune and would sing sad songs with a beautiful voice and I was the village damsel who had a soft spot for the mad man. And the only one brave enough to step close and and sing with the mad man. And the villagers would call us crazy. They’d go saying things like, “Mzee Ngundi’s daughter has been corrupted by the mad man, she is now crazy.”….
But we wouldn’t care because that’s what we are, slightly off kilter, certifiably insane, absolutely crazy.
Its the romantic in me talking again; perhaps we were star crossed lovers, like Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Layla and Majnun (pretty interesting story)
Or perhaps we caused too much havoc together that the universe decided to separate us this time around, putting quite a bit of land between us but the universe did not count on there being a way for us to meet…social media. WordPress to be exact where you were busy becoming the muse and I was still experiencing growing pains….and somehow, our worlds collided.
Shifting from blogger to wordpress is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made…it goes without saying that the outcome has been very desirable, the amazing people I’ll call my forever friends, I found here one of them being Beaton Mlilo *insert shy emoji here*
You’re such a cool person, Even your name is cool.
You know that question that is usually asked to people that have fallen in love? When did you know that you know?
I’ll answer it with this story. This is when I knew ..
You have no idea how much your words have come to mean to me. They have gotten me through many a dark day.
I look forward to finally meeting you physically, giving you a big hug, objectifying your abs (I apologize in advance for that), tugging your hair to see if stretches and helping you count the white in your beards. Yes, I’m crazy like that.
Keep writing B….keeping being the awesomeness that you are.

Beaton Mlilo….😍😍😍😍😍

All My Love

32 thoughts on “Dear Beaton

      1. *sings* i think i wanna marry you… i take me into your loving arms….Nenda kamwambie….Maybe we found love right where we are……

    1. I Know Mable personally and that was not a vibe, that was her being the lovely natural and real human that she is, love her to bits

  1. Wow,

    I love this and have been waiting for the letter since Beaton mentioned it in his post. I must say as usual, you did not disappointed. I enjoyed the letter and imagined the two of you in another era.

    You guys are truly kindred spirits. I wouldn’t have known that you’ve never met in person if I hadn’t read this. I always imagined you were old friends who studied at the same university.

    Do fix a coffee date soon and tell us about it…

    And keep writing, I love both your blogs.

    1. Thank you so much…..❀❀

      Heheh…..I’ve known the Beat for a little over a year now but it feels like I’ve known him my whole life. He’s just that type of guy I guess.

      The coffee date is in the works. 😊😊😊😊

  2. This is on of those posts I read word per word because am afraid I might miss a huge point….

    Its a beautiful letter.. Beautiful in every sense…

    I thought I had a lot to say but see I can’t even type

    This is the most beautiful letter I have read in a while 😍😍

  3. Dear Mable
    I have read this countless time….. and I still cant come up with a comment that does it the justice that it deserves….. mostly because speechless and extremely flattered β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ Of all the smiles you will miss out on seeing; none is bigger, brighter and absolutely cant be stopped than the one I have each time I read this….. I think in our past lives; we birds, I could fly but I didnt do it much; you could fly too; you had pretty wings and I liked to watch you fly; I cant imagine much else birds dont have the best of a memory, and their thoughts mostly about catching worms; the early ones.
    it was definitely worth the wait……

    PS I cant fit this whole post into a screenshot; so I will have to reblog it ^_^

    1. Dear Beaton,
      I was on pins and needles waiting for this…..and I’m smiling now……
      You know, I don’t have miss the smile, there these little things that were the greatest invention ever made……the πŸ“·
      I love the birds idea……were we like the birds from Rio the movie?

  4. Like that you kept a consistent thought and feel to the end. Never was I in doubt what you were saying… but the other things. Well those are other things…

    Great letter

  5. Mable and Beaton.

    This is the manager of Hotel Luthando. We have a room reserved for you two because such passion should be in a hotel room and not WordPress

    We loved this piece

    My pen is capped


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