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A few of my favorite things Life

Let’s Connect…

2008 was the year I first sat in front a computer that had internet. You can imagine my excitement. My smile was wider than usual. I wanted to Google everything from the most mundane “how to peel a tomato” (I knew how but I just wanted to know how the other side lived) to “what is metaphysics?” (Who doesn’t want to know what this is?)

Africa Life Muse

Who Am I?

This one is about me… In 1998, Jackie Chan’s Who am I? was released. In it, Jackie Chan’s character loses his memory in an accident in the jungles of Africa (because why not). When he wakes up, he is asked by the locals what his name is and because he doesn’t know who he is he asks back, “who am I?” The locals start to call him Who am I? (Pronounced Uwema)

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