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I Am A Brand

I Am A Brand

You know that saying, you are who you present to the world. You know it? You don’t? Hold up, let me Google it right quick.

*Two Hours Later

Google tells me that I can’t attribute this saying to any one so I can claim it. Also, I got sidetracked reading about philosophers of old and about Eros and Psyche’s love affair, pretty interesting stuff. Don’t we all get sidetracked on Google though? Am I the only one? Just me?

Anyway… I digress. Back to the issue at hand. Yes! I am a quote owner now. I am also a brand. I am what I present myself to be on social media. I am the crazy girl that shouts about books on social media. I am that one that will shock people with the number of books I’ve read before the year ends and yet I’m nowhere near my goal.

I am the Book Reviewer. I speak about the magic in books. I am known for this. I love to do this. This is my brand.

If we all thought of ourselves as such, imagine the opportunities we’d have. Imagine the possibilities. If we had a clear set of goals that we set and adhered to. Imagine the possibilities. I love what Afrobloggers does because they stay true to their brand. What if we also stayed true to our brand. What if we presented to the social media world what we wanted to be seen as…. Again, like a broken record, I will say, imagine the possibilities.

I have been approached to write about certain things because of this brand. I have gotten editing clients because of my social media. I am slowly growing my freelance portfolio because of social media. Because I started to think of myself as a brand.

Of course there are various brands that I, as a brand, would love to collaborate with. And all these have to do with books. The book sellers, the publishing houses on the continent and beyond.

I would really love to see African Literature advance. I am passionate about our writing. We look to the West for books that will entertain us but books written by Africans, we view as literary study books. Not something that can be enjoyed on its own merit. I have an issue with that. If there’s one thing that I’d love to see happen on this continent is the explosion of the literature market with Africans buying Africans’ books. Clearly, you can tell I am passionate about this. I am looking forward to that day. And I’ll do all I can to push it forward.

Until then, I remain yours truly

The Reading Junkie

28 thoughts on “I Am A Brand

  1. This has a nice ring to it and so special in every way. Wow! I need this kind of believing in myself. Thank you Mable.

  2. There is so much knowledge and information in African books & they’re also entertaining.
    Keep up the work of supporting African talent.

  3. I love the fact that you talk about African literature. I find it interesting and I will always look out for it, does the language African literature comes in matter? Amazing work you doing sis♥️

    1. I don’t think the language matters. Of course I’d love it to be in English but a book, in whatever language will always find it’s readers. We really do need to push African writing. When we tell our own stories, we are more powerful. Thank you for reading ❤️❤️

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