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Let’s talk socials

Let’s talk socials

Okay, I have to explain what happened yesterday before I delve into this day’s challenge.

What had happened was, I was reading all these blogs, right? And then I saw that every thing that I wanted to say were in these blog posts. And then I decided not to write this post, right? It definitely wasn’t laziness. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that it was. It really wasn’t laziness, I promise.

Today, is pretty simple. I joined social media because it was the place to be. Like all of life, I experienced growing pains. I hate short hand but I partook in it because I didn’t have a qwerty keyboard. It wasn’t as bad as those that dia people but it was the occasional ‘u’. It also took me a while to find the right people to follow. The right people to listen to. Like I said here, Twitter is like a room where people are all speaking, some are shouting others are speaking quietly and sometimes many listen, sometimes noone listens.

I had to make sure, in my following that I am not in an echo chamber. I didn’t want to follow people that echoed my beliefs because I needed to have my notions challenged. Challenging my notions helps me affirm them or helps me shake my world view and change the way I think sometimes. It’s also a catalyst for growth.

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When I took over the Afrobloggers Twitter account for the second time, I asked the question I love to ask everyone I know, “What are you reading?” And one reply which was hilarious but also too true was, “I am reading tweets”. On a daily basis, we take into my minds what we read on social media and it shapes our world belief. Our selves. So we do need to be careful or intentional about who we let into to our minds.

Without further ado, here are social media accounts I follow:

1. Uber Facts (Twitter)

I have two people who are important to me that have this thing with trivia. I didn’t want to be left behind so I started to follow Uber Facts on Twitter. The tagline of this account is; the most unimportant things you’ll need to know. They have some fun facts that I enjoy.

2. Donald Trump (Facebook)

Part of not being in an echo chamber is not hearing about how I should feel about the leader of the Free world from different people. Forming my own opinions about him. And this guy is wild. I, honestly can’t believe some of the things he writes. Recently, he shared a video of the Ghanaian dancing pallbearers, complete with the music, about Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

3. Patriot Act (YouTube)

I love Hasan Minhaj. I love the depth of his pieces. I love the investigative and the fearlessness. I read somewhere that he is the millennial John Oliver. I say no, he is just Hasan Minhaj. He would have fallen under Netflix but apparently Netflix is not a social media. Go figure.

4. Jackie Hill Perry (YouTube, Instagram)

She is amazing. I first stumbled on her content when I discovered Poets in Autumn. Then her story just blew me away. She is an amazing writer and the depth and love with which she speaks about Christ is awe-inspiring. Plus her book, Gay Girl Good God, is one of my favorite biographies.

I also love to listen to Dr. Jordan Peterson’s quiet explanations on why he believes in what he believes in. Joe Rogen who usually has ‘controversial people’ on his podcast. Candance Owen’s views. Again on the importance of not having an echo chamber.

P.S: I’m still not bored enough to download Tiktok.

6 thoughts on “Let’s talk socials

  1. Sister! Sister! I’ve refused to expose myself to anything Trump but other three are definitely top tier.

    Been catching up with Hasan from A Distance. I love when Berna reads the Deep cut questions. 😍

    1. 😂😂 I honestly didn’t know how to feel about Trump. Everyone was telling me to hate him but I decided to know for myself if I should. And I don’t hate him, I just think him incompetent. .

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