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A Letter to the Reluctant Blogger – Part 2

A Letter to the Reluctant Blogger – Part 2

Dear Me

We arrived to day 22. There were a lot of bumps on the road but we got here in one piece. I started with a letter to this reluctant blogger. It makes sense that I should end with a congratulatory letter to myself. It’s a little masturbatory but hey, if I don’t toot my own horn, who will? (To the one reading this, please say you will toot my horn)

Let’s Dance

I wasn’t able to blog all the 22 days because of adulting, laziness, and well laziness. But at least I did it. I did something. I was part of something I have wanted to be part of for the longest time. I got new blogging friends. I flexed my writing muscle. Yay me.

At the start of this exercise, I was riddled with such self doubt. I was supposed to take part in the Afrobloggers never-ending story but I didn’t, because I didn’t believe that I what I wrote was good enough. I swallowed that doubt and decided to take the plunge on the deep end of this challenge and swim. And I swam for a bit.

What does this ending mean for me? It means that I may or may not go back into hibernation until blogtember. Or I may or may not congratulate myself by taking a month off. Or it means that I may or may not return to my regular programming of posting sporadic book reviews.

What I know, for sure, is that this particular challenge was an interruption to the status quo of this blog. What I want is for this to be the new normal. However the first thing that being a human taught me was that we don’t always get what we want.

Here’s a pledge. I will try my hardest to have a schedule. I will try my hardest to create a calendar that will help me blog regularly. I am asking the dear readers to hold me accountable. Otherwise, I just might go back into hibernation and hardly come out.


Hibernation is this space that you find yourself in where you’re more comfortable reading than actually penning something. There’s nothing wrong with just reading of course, but if you have a voice and you have something to communicate, don’t let the state of hibernation silence it.

Thank you Sekuru B, whose muse I am still so jealous of, for shaking your dreads in approval at the start of this. Thank you Afrobloggers. Thank you to those that took the time to read, like and comment. Thank you to the 425 brave souls that decided to follow this blog and go on this crazy journey with me.

The Journey

And now, I am going to sit back and watch this sunset. And then I’m going to read all that y’all write. And then I’m going to write some more.

Until the next blog post, I remain…

Your favourite Alien

Mable ❤️

21 thoughts on “A Letter to the Reluctant Blogger – Part 2

  1. So alien so proud of you for writing, I am surprised every time I get the email that states “Growing pains”
    I am here to read and cross my fingers that you don’t go back into hibernation

  2. First of all, so you think you can dance?
    Secondly isn’t funny how a person can get jealous about themselves
    Thirdly hey we made it ^_^ congratulations and keep flying with WordPress
    So now that we reminded the world how awesome we can be when we set out to disrupt the regular status quo does this mean its a go for the never ending story and when the current story is done I can come knocking at your door like a blogger asking another blogger to write a story that never ends?

    PS I would hold you…,accountable that is

    1. First of all, I can’t dance like you, but I can shake my head in time with the rhythm.
      Secondly, the strangeness of life.
      Thirdly: yaaaaay we made it. It was rocky there for a while, but we are here.
      Fourthly (is this a word?) You’re awesome! I love you ❤️❤️

  3. Mable love. I love your introspection look. You did great Sweetcakes. I love your blog. I’ll pray for the future husband to read this space entirely before even thinking of approaching you. You’ve given him too many cheat notes. Hahhaa.
    Glad I came across your Amuron. Cheers to the sweet and loving person I’ve met in this space. 😘

    1. 😂 he has way too many cheat notes. Thank you so much Dani❤️❤️ I’m glad I met you and I look forward to celebrating your growth with you ❤️❤️❤️

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