Growing Pains

An Alien To The Status Quo

Hearts πŸ’•

Your mug is a thing of beauty.
Repurposed to showcase pretty
It’s not as it was
And from this we learn
These flaws
Make you even more…..exquisite

You should know, though
Perfection cannot be attained.
And even if it were
It would be boring
So, own your flaws darling
The jigsaw, the quilt.
They’re unique because they are you.
Imperfectly perfect.


My heart….. It’s glad
But it wanders and wonders
Knocking on the doors
To yours
Glad that you didn’t put up walls
Darling, will you let me in?
Let my mug join yours
As a vase at the window sill
Showcasing pretty.

This is the fourth part of a six part duet; Beaton writes something and I attempt to right it……

He Wrote: Of Unbreaking

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