Growing Pains

An Alien To The Status Quo

Bruised, Not Broken

Let me speak to you
May I approach?

Let me speak of your heart
That, that you freely gave
To one who held back her own
For whatever reason she knows.
Her loss
Hopefully my gain.
Yesterday you loved….
But you were not loved
For love is not a callous thing
It’s not to be shunned and dropped
Like hot coals
Love is more
So much more
And I hope to show,
You may be shattered
You may feel like your heart is on the floor.
Your ‘mug’ broken,
Scattered on the floor.
And I…
I may want to be your hero
Swoop in from above and shoo away the foe.
It would be easier then to win your heart, for sure
Be your knight, your medicine, your cure
But baby
Hearts are not like glass that are brittle. Hearts bend and bruise but don’t break
You are stronger than you know
You are not broken, you’re bruised.

This is the second part of a 6 part duet.. Beaton writes something and I attempt to right it.

Of The Broken Mugged Man

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