Growing Pains

An Alien To The Status Quo

You And Me

I stood by the window
Watching two petals fly
They danced to the beat of the wind
Twisting and twirling
Carefree and beautiful
A dance as old as time


They were peculiar, these petals
They were drawn to each other
Like nothing I’ve ever seen
More than unlike poled magnets
More than fish and water
More than yin and yang
They were pulled away
Only to come back together
Turned around
Only to find each other
Like soul mates of old
And again…
And again…


It was a sight to behold
Like a candle holding it’s own in the wind.
It was such raw beauty
I felt the earth stop.
Time stood still
As I realized
It wasn’t the petals
It was you.
It was me.


This is the final part to the 6 part duet series. Beaton writes something and I attempt to right it…
He previously wrote Of Heart Petals In The Wind

Dear Beaton
Thank you for being an awesome duet partner…you really are a muse…my muse *insert shy emoji here*
Here’s to many more duets in the near future

All My Love

P. S Beaton, like a thing of magic, there’s a Wednesday coming up next week. 😅

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