Growing Pains

An Alien To The Status Quo

This is Elijah Bwojji….. He is a poet….. And an amazing friend. He truly has a way with words… His poetry just keeps getting better and better….you can find more of his beautiful words at his blog; Death of Words.

If I tell you how I have loved, would you believe me? Would you know the pain that now lodges in my heart like a thorn on a rose? So beautiful are rose’s petals, but with care does a man pluck it off the stem.

I have loved
I have loved, not in ways you have known,  but in ways the earth has welcomed the sun. My heart has loved, deep and wide, not in the ways your eyes have feared the night,  but in ways the night has glorified the moon with its caresses, shining it’s beauty in presence of the stars. I have loved in same way the heart has known the thickness of blood, pumping it up and about.

What beauty has your eyes glorified? What evil has your eyes glorified, that you heart is now trenched in? For beauty was to tell of He who created it, never was it to replace Him.  And the evil was to tell of His absence not to settle fear into your heart. If it was to Him your eyes glorified, then it would be love, your eyes would have seen: not beauty or evil.

I have loved.
I have loved in a way one who sighs would tell, of the feeling in which he uncloth himself. For to have known life one must have known love, in its pure colors; sun caught in drops of water falling.

If I lament of my love to you, then I would not have loved. I would not have died. It’s told dead men tell no tales, if then I have died to the old man, how then would I tell his tales? For all now I know is love. See my heart and my eyes,  feel my touch and hear my whisper. For love isn’t written in words but it’s in the blood…

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