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Guest Poet: Plundering Palpitations

This is Joshua Okello. He is one of my oldest friends. 😅 and honestly one of the smartest people I have the pleasure of knowing.
He is a poet, writer, a techie and an all round wonderful person.
This poem is one of the most genius things I have ever read, it blows my mind every single time…..It makes sense because the poet is a genius himself…..
Enjoy this!

The One, The Only, Joshua Slybard Okello

Plundering Palpitations
Plundering perplexing palpitations pylon-high pile
Plying prime primeval ports like panthers in prance –
Portent in pure purpose, persistent in ploy.
I pause, purporting poise, to ponder this perturbation.

Like on divine pedestal, toward me she propagates,
Pride possessions pulsating in phase like pawpaws,
Curved perfect posterior pitched in epileptic parade.
She smiles and promises relief for pitch black plight,
Laughs with pricking eyes to preach endless possibility.
“Pardon me, kind passerby, where is Police?”

What ill-humoured Psyche permits such puppetry?
What power have I to prevent this persuasion?

Perhaps I shall promptly proceed to point her to Police.
Perhaps, if she pleases, I shall play gallant Prince–
Propose my protection for her procession to that place.
Perhaps this plot portends vile Hell or paradise.
Perhaps I don’t know – don’t care to partake this poison.
Perhaps I’ll be pleased and passionate prisoner!

Pardon me, fine passerby, I please to enter prison!

So, does pressure make diamonds? 

Awesome, right!?
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