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Larry’s Raw Poetry Series: Affair With A Fair Woman


So, last month I decided to coauthor a number of poems with a number of friends for a change. I’m going to share a few with you this week. Enjoy, comment, share, inbox…
Looking forward to writing more…

Affair with a Fair Woman: by myself (Larry D) and McAnthony

I saw a woman so fair
I cannot say where
She caught and captured my eye
And caught me as we locked eyes
A wry smile, an adjustment in posture
Turned to face me upon her perch

She gazed at me
Puckered up and winked
What luscious lips drawing in to kiss
And those hips
I must say I was nipped
All hipped and all lipped
I was magnetised
Mirror mirror on my mind
Who’s the fairest of my kind
To engage her I longed
I engaged her before long

Drawing closer still
Going in for the kill
She was beautiful but was it beauty
She was bootiful but not full of beauty
From the first word off her lips
She was a fool of beauty
Utterance crude she was altogether ruddy
Her substance base and her mind tardy
To bear with this I had to be sturdy

On and on as she spoke the spark deadened away
Watered the little embers of flame that stayed
As she laughed her magnetism gave way
All attraction faded away

Where was the wisdom and where was the sense
Where was good logic and reason without end
No speech of skill no vision at play
No destiny at heart nor mission per se

I seek a compromise
But want of piety won’t let me
I wanna show her the way
Her misregard won’t let me
I think to cover her
Her glory won’t get me
I offer what I have
And her rejection is what met me

What am I to do with this attention
I only bond with Heavenly connection
For ’tis the first mover of mine affection
The prime and principle consideration

I saw a woman so fair
I shall not share where
Gave her up into God’s care
See that’s what I had to bare
In this greatest affair

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Who McAnthony is, in his own words;
I am like an oyster shell, many only see it’s outer hardness, but those who open, often find within hidden pearls.

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