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Would I Do It Better?

The Bible is one of the oldest books on earth and through the centuries, it has undergone a number of changes, from Greek to Old English to Modern English and I’m waiting for it to be translated to slang.
The one thing that has remained though, are all the characters that are flawed and wonderfully human.

This post was born from a conversation, nay an argument, about what we as ‘Modern Humans’ would do if we were to ever find ourselves in the positions that many of the Bible characters found themselves in.
I think we all have a tendency to judge a decision someone made in a particular situation. We tend to think I could have done that better, or there’s no way I could have done that or thought that or gone that way.
Perhaps, we could do it better, or we could have gone the right way and not the left way, we could have had faith to walk on the water and not look at the storm all around us…but many times, I believe that we would make the same mistake or decision and possibly an even a worse a mistake or decision.

I am so cool, I was hanging with Jesus long before I was born. Haters will say this is photoshop

Let’s face it, at one point, you have thought that you would never have denied Jesus like Peter did.
A friend of mine recently told me, ‘Peter was spineless, he didn’t stand by his convictions or beliefs.’
This might be true. However often times we are faced by situations that push us to deny what we believe in…for self preservation purposes. And in a world where perception is everything, we want to be part of the crowd, accepted, to fit in.
So recently, I thought about what I would have done had I been in these people’s shoes. And because I had to be brutally honest with myself, the answers I came up with were pretty interesting…
First of all, as Peter, I probably would have punched the dude that dared suggest I was in cahoots with a known criminal. Knowing how much of a coward I really am, I would then go ahead to deny Jesus more than three times.
As Judas Iscariot? I don’t know. I’m not trying to defend what the guy did but I think we can all agree that he wanted to preserve himself and he was a little greedy….but then again, haven’t we all had intenses where we looked out for our own hides at the expense of an innocent party? I know I have.
How many times have you sold out someone you considered a friend just to get ahead, I see it every day at work places.
As Esther……I’ve heard someone say that this strong lady shouldn’t have hesitated when Mordecai asked her to go to the king on behalf of her people… But look at this way, you have fallen in love with and married the King of Persia who just so happens to have a whole kingdom of women pining after him and some would even be willing to be kill for him. And you’ve fallen out of favour with your husband, who just so happens to have this rule that if you go visit him uninvited you die (cue dramatic music) ….me as me, I like my neck attached to my body, so no thank you, you go see the King yourself.
Samson; Samson was in love…..He was in love with a woman who he thought loved him back…Okay I can’t speak for men because I am obviously very female (see boob’s to confirm) However, what I can do is to pose this question, haven’t you ever had this one person that you keep going back to even though you know that he/she is going to hurt you? Or haven’t you ever trusted someone so much with your deepest darkest secrets. So don’t judge the guy because he was soooo obviously in love he couldn’t think straight. (He was a little dumb though 😂)
David….David was lazy, he didn’t want to go and fight, he was king after all. He just so happened to be taking a stroll when he saw a naked woman taking a shower on a veranda (why though?)
Of course he lusted, Bathsheba was hot. He was human to the point of jealousy that he caused the death of the husband of that woman. He was a man that had so many faults yet God called him a man after His own heart.
Eve….hehe now this one, most people blame her because we were kicked out of eden..but as a lady, haven’t you ever been deceived by someone who seemed too good to be true. I certainly have, so I don’t know if i would have resisted the serpent, honestly. He presented himself as Eve’s friend.
There are many more other examples of human flaws in the Bible; Solomon the wisest guy in the world, but also somehow dumb when it came to women. Moses was a murderer. Abraham was a liar. Sarah was impatient. Joseph was proud.
When God forgives, He forgives totally and He remembers our sins no more….we are not God, only He has the power to judge because He is a perfect God.
We are not perfect, we are all flawed so we shouldn’t judge any one else.
What I learnt with this exercise is that I have no idea how other people’s thought processes are. And a decision I make may not necessarily be the decision someone else makes and that’s for a reason
A wise man once said, “don’t judge me until you have walked a mile in my shoes”

15 thoughts on “Would I Do It Better?

  1. I love this post and your pic in the Jesus photo. You’re right – we can’t say how we would act or what we would’ve done because we weren’t there….when we talk like that we’re talking from a “modern” “today” tone. But back then, we would have did everything they did. Great Post! most of my post too are sparked by conversations as well, so glad someone else is the same way = )

  2. You cant walk in my shoes not that they are special or anything, but because I like to walk around barefoot
    But honestly no one has any business judging anyone unless you are judge or something and as for God; His ways are mysterious and His Will is final

    I am not a hater but I am pretty sure they hadnt invented cameras back then!!!

    1. Lol…. With God everything is possible, even a way around yet-to-be-invented cameras.
      Also haven’t you heard the myth that lightening is God’s way of taking photos? 😂

      PS. I love to walk barefoot too

  3. …”when God forgives, he forgives totally”👏👏👏… Now let’s talk about how humorous you are!😂😂😂. Giirrlll, first of all let me be a hater, and say it. It’s photoshop.😂. As for how you would react if you were Peter, Illoooll. I think I would so react the same if I were Esther. Like, “uncle Mordecai, please allow me enjoy my marital home in peace…humble yourself and be going to talk to the king”…😂. Anyway, this was a lovely read and I learned something. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hilarious blog post. Loved it. Also, I don’t know how to say that pic was photoshoped without sounding like a hater. So, I’m guessing you’re a lawyer or should’ve been a lawyer.

    I totally agree with you on the ‘keeping of our heads’ parts 🙂

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