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Are You A Creative?

I have always been odd. Weird. When I was younger, I stuck out like a sore thumb in a time when it was extremely cool to fit in. I have had an overwhelming desire to be more than just the mould that society had cast for me even before I was born. My life was set in stone but I wanted that stone to be one I could write on my own story. A stone I could chisel and create something different than what was expected of me.

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Who Am I?

This one is about me… In 1998, Jackie Chan’s Who am I? was released. In it, Jackie Chan’s character loses his memory in an accident in the jungles of Africa (because why not). When he wakes up, he is asked by the locals what his name is and because he doesn’t know who he is he asks back, “who am I?” The locals start to call him Who am I? (Pronounced Uwema)


The Power Of Positive Thinking.

It’s never easy to lay yourself bare for the public to judge and one who does so is very brave. I know one such person. A brave, beautiful soul called Angel Elga Achwanyo. And this is her ministry. And I thank her and applaud her for sharing her story with the world. I hope and pray that Angel Elga’s story may help change the life of someone out there in a similar situation.

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Dear Alex…

Dear Alex, Its been a while since we last spoke. Three years to be exact. I still remember the last conversation as clearly as if it were just yesterday. You called me to find out if my birthday was in August. It isn’t. However, I wish everyday that I had said that it was. And not just for the red velvet cake you would have bought me but also for the chance to see you one more time.

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