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Shakespeare once wrote,  what’s in a name? My answer, something really powerful. They say a name can sell a person. Literally. When you hear the name,  Zombie the Poet, what’s your first thought?

The first time I heard this name, Zombie the Poet I thought to myself, this person is genius. I couldn’t wait to see him perform. I wanted to see him live up to the genius of his name.
Just last week, I had the pleasure of watching him perform at the Letters by Emotional Stripper poetry recital and boy is he genius.
His words are just…… deep and very relatable too. I could see myself in many of his words and I was transported to the world of his making.
I am a fan, dare I say the biggest fan?
I know I should have asked why he chose that particular name….but in my defense I was too busy being star-struck.
He agreed to let me feature him on my blog today…..I think I must be a cool person! šŸ˜Ž
This poem is……there are no words to describe how it makes me feel.
Enjoy these words…..weep at the genius.


Happily Ever After
Before you, before us,
I was a hurricane of bad decisions,
An ash tray of nervousness,
A badly scripted limerick that
Never made nobody laugh,
A wrecked-ship trying to keep afloat
In the storm of depressing moments.
I was a supernova of wild emotions
and had a tendency of burning things
That got too close to me.
I bet at my baptism I was dipped
In a basin full of insecurities and
Given awkwardness as my second name,
That was until the day I met you.

The first time i saw you,
You looked like a poem
That I never thought I’d be good
enough to write someday.
Your legs were like two wands that
Cast magic a spell whenever you walked,
You looked like you had the ability
To turn the ugliest war zone
anywhere in the world into disneyland
and guns would become puppies
That people would laugh at
When they bark instead of running.
I believed your breath could put out
A forest fire, or start one.
It was important that I talk to you.

So I mastered how
To skate on my awkwardness,
Though I’d never been a fan of speed.
I guess that’s why our first date
happened after five months.
I liked you.
Apart from my mother
You were the second person that
made food worth eating.
You made my small fingers
Look like skyscrappers.
Words excited you too.
You smile became the lullaby
That sang my worries back to sleep

It became hard to keep steady,
I failed and fell for you heart first
Now It became harder to get myself
to tell of my fall.
I got tongue tied seven times because
Shyness and uncertainty are rascals
who always conspired to hide
the keys to the vault of my right words.

When I shyly said That I loved you
And you said you loved me back.
Three seconds later I thought
Of dialing an emergency number
To come rescue my sanity,
Which was somersaulting dangerously
On the cliffs of this-is-a-dream, land.
I thought of doing something reckless like
Kissing you, just to prove It was real.

I thought of calling my mum like
‘Hey, you remember how
you told me never to do weed,
I don’t know how it happened but
I think I tried it.’
I thought of grabbing your words by
their syllables as they flew out of your lips
And keep them in my pocket
So that I could hold you to your word.
Just incase.
I thought of running,
Into the future to see if we really
Really happened.
I didn’t need to because,

Weeks later, you are still loving me,
Cuddling with you feels like
Being trapped in the belly of
everything nice lit by a fire flies
and falling snow flakes.
Kissing you is like eating grapes
But better and
It’s like every time we kiss
You leave syllables of
your name in my mouth.
I was right when I thought
Your breath could put out forest fires,
You put out mine.

5 thoughts on “Happily Ever Afters

  1. I haven’t heard him perform yet but everyone else that has is “legs up”
    Then this poem you shared just added fire to my curiosity!! šŸ˜…
    Is there a video of him performing it?

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