Growing Pains

An Alien To The Status Quo

Larry’s Raw Poetry Series: Smoke And Mirrors

By Larry D ft Fiona Laker

Two years my heart I did tame
Trampled your love under my heel
Drowned you in a sea of lies
Hoping the throbbing in my soul would heal
This longing I felt would capsize
That death would swallow it up like a pill
Cast it to the bottomless nothingness pit
But daily you ricocheted in my mind
I was besotted, I was obsessed
Stuck in that labyrinth, I prayed
Longed to live another day
To escape those rays of love
That kindled flames in my soul
A fire soon to consume me whole

Two years I hoped you’d change
Gouge out the sin
Turn a blank page
Join the choir
Stop being a liar
When Jesus you’d meet
Our love would be complete 
I fought the hurricane I spun in
Thought loving you was only sin
But No!
Not anymore 
If imperfection was beauty
Then what we had was beautiful

Two years have come, now they’re gone
I’ve waited for you oh so very long
I’m tired now and my heart is worn
The storm is ceded, the curtain’s drawn
I love my Jesus, you don’t at all
What we have is just wrong
We do not agree on the whole
It’s been two years too long
I now have to let you go

The beautiful Fiona!

In Her Own Words:
I am mystery
Twisted into a labyrinth… Just when you think you know.. There I will surprise you 🙂

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