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Guest Post: The Proverbs 31 Woman

This is Larry Mwalye or, as he’s known to some, Crazy Larry.
He’s a man, i believe after God’s own heart. A man of integrity and valour. He’s going to be taking over this here blog sometimes, doing a verse by verse inspection of proverbs 31 (the virtuous woman)


Proverbs. 31:10-31
A verse by verse inspection
V. 10
Who is a virtuous woman?
A virtuous woman is a woman of virtue. Virtue is defined as the inherent power of a god, or a supernatural being.
The words transliterated into virtue in the Bible are _dunamis_ and _aretê_. Virtue means moral goodness or excellence.
You can substitute “virtuous woman” with “good woman” or “righteous woman.”
Virtuous means full of virtue, not partly filled.
A virtuous woman, therefore, is a woman of substance, a woman of power; a woman of worth, a full woman.
A virtuous woman is a powerful woman. In this age of women empowerment, take a look at what a powerful woman looks like in the following few verses.
The most interesting thing is that a virtuous woman is not defined by her husband or any man, instead she is more likely to determine the man, as we read on.
A woman’s virtue is independent of the state of a man. Her husband can either be Boaz or Nabal but both Ruth and Abigail were virtuous women.
In Proverbs 31, the husband might as well be a bum who wakes up late and sits at the gate with men, ’cause nothing about his duties is mentioned, but still she’s a virtuous woman.
Proverbs 12:4.
Such women are truly rare. They’re not easy to find. Not every woman is a virtuous one.
And when you finally find one, you find her price is far above rubies. Rubies are so rare, most people reading this have never even held one. Some are wondering how a ruby looks.
Proverbs 22:1.
On an interesting note there’s one thing mentioned specifically with rubies, the few times rubies are mentioned in the Bible: Prov. 3:13-15, Job 28:18, Prov. 8:11. Go check them out.
To my brothers, virtuous women are rarer than rubies. If you think they’re easy, try acquiring a ruby first. And rare things are pricey.
To my sisters, what’s your price? How “pricey” or “cheap” are you? What level have you priced yourself at? And I pray the following verses will help you know where you are and in the end to raise your price.


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