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Guest Post: Of Television Anchors and Soccer Personalities

Paul is back! And I hope he’ll be regular guest on this here blog.
For sure it is something in the rocks. If I knew he was this great of writer when we were still at university, I would have……..never mind.
Here he is comparing Television to Soccer.


NTV Uganda is like Arsenal, and Aggie Asiimwe Konde is like Arsen Wenger! They recruit young, new, and ‘innocent’ talent into the profession, train it, nature it, and make it a pro in just a short period. Raymond Mujuni who just joined the television industry yesterday is now making reports that are aired on the BBC’s Focus on Africa. Just like the recent report on the Kasese massacre …He is the badass Theo Walcott at the mighty Emirates!
And the seemingly calm, composed, smart and on-point Sheila Nduhukire is the Mesut Özil that never misses a shot on target when he does.
The ace duo of Joel Senyonyi and Rechael Mwine, like that of Alexis Sanchez and Olivier Giroud, makes the icing to the cake!
On the other hand, NBS Television is like Manchester United, and Kin Kaliisa is the churlish Jose Mourihno.
These two are more or less the same, just like the herbal jellies of Samona and Movit that to this day leave me wondering when did millet really become a herb? They buy on-form talent from better competitors with promises of a better pay, only to ‘kill’ it on the very day it walks into their doors.
The once brilliant, virtuous and sparkling news anchor – Rukh’Shana, turned hebetudinous on the very day she joined NBS Television. Like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, she can no longer score a goal with a free kick taken from the center of the field!
The once energetic and affluent Solomon Sserwanja turned into a stammering ‘lip-licker’ the day he walked into the Media Plaza building …he is the Paul Pogba that swells around like a turkey on heat!
The Blink show, moderated by Andrew M. Mwenda is another mess at NBS. Once a great journalist whose prowess were acknowledged nation over, turned a national reject the day he made deals with the devil! He moderates his show like a village chief mediating a divorce dispute between husband and housewife. Of which very wife sleeps with the village chief when the husband is away, to win bread for the home. We all know how such a dispute would be mediated!
This actually leaves me thinking Charles Odongtho’s Frontline is still a thing just because of the Oracle of Gulu, and the Voice of reason in it …he is the Basten Schwansteiger we can’t judge simply because he hasn’t been on the field that much!

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