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Guest Post: The Cult of Creativity

Guest Post: The Cult of Creativity

Creativity is a cult, a myth, a reality, a dream, and a truth and yet it is something that we find ourselves chasing over and over again. For those of us in the creative industry, it’s a lifeline. A war between two thoughts, that we get to do this for a living and that we get to do this for a living. I love what I do, it’s draining but also fulfilling at the same time.

On my journey with the creative side of me, I have met amazing people. One such person is Martha Nansubuga, a creative apprentice who is going to go places simply because of her determination to be the best. She wrote this post! Everyone, meet Martha as she writes about what creativity means to her.

The Creative Block

Boredom is an enemy that presents itself constantly in our contemporary life. There are several ways to deal with its intimidating presence, but one of the most obvious is to embrace literary narratives or audio-visual spectacles, whether they take the form of books or cinematic marvels.

These artistic worlds have the power to take one to a beautiful Utopia, a place where limitless creativity has altered the world. Shonda Rhymes of Shonda Land is one such person who has created worlds that we love. Shonda Land is where people will be attached to a character and their emotions will be controlled by what happens to this character, thus living vicariously through the show.

This contact with creativity can occasionally be equated to a meteor shower, dazzle the mind with a captivating spectacle, or it can occasionally resemble a calm stream that flows without a crescendo. In the latter case, a dramatic metamorphosis takes place, turning us into master storytellers or artistic directors who control the creative threads to create our one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The simple fact that this phenomenon exists fuels my passion for the “creative block.”

The creative process is a rhythmic dance, starting with the act of diving deeply into one’s imaginative soul and ending with the act of folding, tossing out, and passionately scribbling down fifty ideas. Every artist eventually has their Eureka moment, a compelling spark that lights up the otherwise dark space.

Dear readers, thank you for visiting my online sanctuary once more. Take time to ponder the brilliant KFC advertisement from Canada before continuing on your textual journey. It is a true feat of creative genius.

In May of this year, an amazing apprentice program at a marketing and advertising firm which is still ongoing. After the three-month evaluation, I was told to try out the creative department. My face was covered with shock since my preferences and inclinations had linked with the field of Public Relations. Unfortunately, or fortunately, fate had other plans, and now I find myself in the third week of this life-changing journey.

Permit me to express my appreciation for the process itself, a furnace that transforms undeveloped ideas into colossal reality. I mean picture this; a brief is presented to you and you’re tasked with unpacking and coming up with a whole presentation in two weeks, but during these two weeks, nothing comes to mind. Yes, I know the horror (inserts a very horrific sticker). Then two days before the presentation you finally find the right pipe for the water to flow. The ecstasy one has when that happens cannot be described in words.

I’ve come to realise that the craft of copywriting is a double-edged sword since one word may drastically alter the rhythm of a message and encourage significant transformation. This literary craft, which resembles composing a complex symphony of words, has permeated my very being. I now make it a habit to study existing ADS to improve my copywriting skills. In this symphony of words, my mentors—those lights who light the way—have evolved into my guides. The results of my labour shall soon be seen by the entire world.

I’ve observed people struggling with their archenemy, and creative inertia, as I’ve watched the ups and downs in the department. Although the storm of motivation frequently loses its grip, the seeds of rebirth can be found in this battle. Each of these inventive brains uses a special technique, a practice for reigniting their creative passion, or a magnificent tapestry of renewal.

Where lethargy lurks in the background of life’s magnificent tapestry, creativity emerges as our compass. Through its embrace, we explore unexplored territory and let loose a creative and resilient tide. We are on the verge of a constant transition, one imprinted by the indelible mark of creation, as we write our tales, draw our visions, and shape our narratives.

Martha Nansubuga is a Creative prodigy who is going places.

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