Growing Pains

An Alien To The Status Quo

The impossible has happened
I’ve fallen in love!
Bring out the confetti
Let the fanfare begin
How about those vuvuzelas?
Blow them till your chests hurt
Even those firimbis
Blow them till your cheeks hurt.
Why, you ask?
I am in love
Heck, Trump can now be president
But it looks like he’ll lead, nay rule the free world
That would be a travesty, like seriously
But I do not care!
I’m in love
Hehe, seems like the impossible is happening all round
People! I’m in love!

I can now do all the stuff lovers do, with my lover
All the things I see in those telenovelas
Like long walks on the beach
Holding my lover’s sweaty palm
Wiping his sweaty brow
Kissing his sweaty cheek
Running my palm on his sweaty…

I know you’re looking at me and rolling your eyes,
You’re probably thinking I’m showing off
And I know you’re thinking ‘Bitch please!’
Well gerarahere
When you find someone, you can sing that Luganda song too..
That one by that lady that has had more kwanjulas than I can count…..
Mba kubye equalizer, the song says
Well, that’s the only line I know
That and the fact that I’m supposed to look all proud and shit while singing the song

Lady, whatchu lookin at...

Abaaye, celebrate with me, I’m in…

CRAAAAAP! I was dreaming 🙁

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