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Today, my blog has been taken over by the incomparable, awesome, and amazing Gloria (Pnky) Nakyejwe.
I have known her for like a decade now (mehn, we are old) and let me tell you, she is one smart lady.
Like really…. She’s an architect, an artist, baker extraordinaire, and CEO of not one but two businesses!
Seriously how awesome is she!?

She inspires me to be a better version of myself and she challenges me.

Here she is taking on the topic of Africa, Racism and it’s positive aspects.

Africans should stop seeking for acceptance from other races. You have to first accept yourself and believe in your own race before you run to other races to accept you.
Yes I know many of you are running your mouths like “That is so racist of you”, but at the end of the day racism is still a big reality and we cannot ignore it. We can only accept that it exists and work around the positive aspects of it and reduce the negative aspects of racism.

What are the positive aspects you ask?
1. Intellectually all races are equal.
Africans are not stupid, we are just lazy and greedy. We have crippled ourselves with seeking for Aid all the time that we miss the opportunities in our midst to develop our communities. For example, how can we still be exporting raw materials like gold, oil, diamonds, coffee e.t.c as if we are still in the Industrial revolution in the 1920’s? Why can’t we process and sell finished products? Why can’t we industrialize like China? We have all these minerals and wealth and we still ask for AID?……… really?

2. All races have the ability to invent, modify and create new things every day.
We Africans think that the other races are the only ones capable of inventing things. We have very low self esteem in our own ability to think and create new inventions. Those who do create these run to other races to be accepted there (Of which those races take the credit for your efforts) and instead of supporting our own inventions we ridicule them because we are jealous of each other instead of supporting and promoting one another.

3. All races have the ability to move into development at the same rate.
Even after more than 50 years of independence most African countries are in a more sorry state than they were during the colonial era. We enjoy deteriorating more than we enjoy development. Many Africans have migrated oversees and do not want to come back home because they want to live that “overseas” lifestyle. Why can’t you travel, get inspired, come back home and develop your own home to be that “London environment” you so crave to live in? You go to a very hostile environment full of racism, bad weather and odd jobs yet you can have that life style you crave at home if only you started thinking differently and appreciate what you already have at home.

What are the negative aspects you ask?
I shall post then next time
To be continued…….


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