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An Alien To The Status Quo


Donald Trump is running for the highest office in the most ….. super (?) country on earth. Donald Trump used to be a TeeVee star where he popularised the three words, or two depending on the primary school you went to, that every employee dreads or welcomes, also depending on who your boss – ahem: former boss- is…was(?). Donald Trump has also been called: the cinnamon Nazi, an over ripe orange, the guy with the best hair style (I do hope sarcastically intended), the Bringer Ofthemuch Feared….and honestly anticipated…. Apocalypse and Donald Drumpf (by THE Quintessential John Oliver).


I have been following this whole crazy election year in Stato because, quite honestly, its hilarious as hell and the comedians are having a field day with the tenaciously incorrigible Donald J Trump …. and also because its quite scary. Try this: Americans may be on the brink of installing a man an over ripe carrot – into inarguably the biggest office in the free world. Said carrot (in ripe state) did say this about a one Megyn Kelly:

That there is just not okay! PERIOD!

Why do I bring this up during #UgBlogWeek you ask? Well, doesn’t this whole US election stuff remind you of the high school elections and politics?

The popular boy versus the studious one? The Donald Vs Hillary Clinton. The rich kid Vs the nerd. The bully Vs The really nice person. The arrogant Vs the………… infinitum ad nauseum. Even with his – and I’m being nice here – ‘eccentricities’, the man was so popular that he won the Republican primaries. 

I never once stood for anything (save justice, integrity and all that). And yet, when I was in Primary Seven, I was awarded the post of Health Prefect. You know, that kid that was way too neat and annoyingly perfect In my humble opinion though, those poor awarders had yet to experience the full-on walking disorganisation that is…was…is myself (potential suitors, do wait and reconsider: that what I lack in organisation, I more than make up for in extreme adorability…? Not good enough for ya? Aw, sod off!!). That was my first and only foray into the world of leadership. Did I say foray? It was more like bumbled into…!

I was never one for the lime light, but I enjoyed watching the people tussle it out for votes during those too brief times we were granted democracy in school. Because just for those few days that they campaigned, the commoners, had all the power.We had the power to make or break a person’s dream. They catered to our whims. They worshipped the ground we walked on, They promised things they had absolutely no way of delivering like daily lunch of chicken and rice and sodas. They gave us sweets and the ones that fleeced a lot of money from Daddy gave us sodas. All for the privilege of ordering us around…fun times*insert painful smile here*. Fools that we were, we ate it all up. And voted possible Hitlers into  power.

The underdog never stood a chance. It was always the loudest, with the most outlandish character and the pretty face that won. The Donald Trump as it were. And we were always, always the worse off for it. We never learnt.

I remember a particular Head Prefect who was so hated that he barely had any friends after school. He was a mini-Hitler. He did not have that funny looking moustache but he had the weird, painful and totally humiliating punishments down to a pat. You dared not show your face after getting a punishment from….from ……uhrm, let’s call him K. And he was the nicest person to hang around before the power trip.

In those moments, after a gruesome punishment of kneeling in front of the whole assembly- including the boy you had a crush on. Of utter embarrassment, we looked at the underdogs and bitterly wished that we would have voted for them. That Democracy is basically a sham in high school was not a factor in our sighs of regret.

So come on Americans. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, this should not be Hard Choice. (I swear, the fact that her book is called Hard Choices is purely coincidental)



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