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The Trouble With Writer’s Block

Picture this: You’re seated in front of a computer, excited to write something. You open the app that you use to write, MS Word, Google Docs, Notes. You crack your knuckles and delicately place your hands in readiness to type out the next Great Novel, or the award winning story. And then…. Nothing.

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Book Review: The End Of Where We Begin

Author: Rosalind Russell Genre: Creative Non-Fiction Book Blurb: Veronica is a teenager when civil war erupts in South Sudan. Lonely and friendless after the death of her father, she finds solace in her first boyfriend, and together they flee across the city when the fighting breaks out. On the same night, Daniel, the son of a colonel, also makes his escape, but finds himself stranded by the River Nile, alone and vulnerable. Lilian is a young mother, who runs for her life holding the hand of her little boy Harmony – until a bomb attack wrenches them apart, forcing her …

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Atesia Ngún (Those Are Dead Bodies)

Day One We are leaving our home. We are going to lands unknown. The elders say we have to, that it is required of us by God to do so. The Amuron, I am apprenticed to, says this land we are going to will be ours for generations to come. A land that was blessed by the hand of God itself. A land that our descendants will enjoy.

A few of my favorite things Life

Let’s Connect…

2008 was the year I first sat in front a computer that had internet. You can imagine my excitement. My smile was wider than usual. I wanted to Google everything from the most mundane “how to peel a tomato” (I knew how but I just wanted to know how the other side lived) to “what is metaphysics?” (Who doesn’t want to know what this is?)

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