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1. Daily exercise is no joke. The quest to healthy is no joke.
My whole body has been sore for the longest time, seriously, even the soles of my feet hurt…but I’m determined that I will be healthy. I already see the difference, 2kgs down, 8 to go! Wish me luck.

2. Why is it we feel the need to share with the world just how perfect and together our lives are when they clearly aren’t?….. Instagram filters, Photoshop, snap chat filters, stupid I-woke-up-like-this hashtags… Would it hurt if the world realized we are imperfect? For that matter, would the world end? I am also guilty of this fact. So I can’t really point fingers. I just wonder would happen if for one day we acknowledge that our shit isn’t as together as we want everyone else to believe.

3. For that matter, I think that celebrities strive for perfection, in their lives, their bodies, so that we, common folk don’t get to harshly judge them. We’ve given them god-like status…the slightest imperfection is harshly pulled apart. They live in glass houses and that is no life for anyone.

4. I have never been anyone’s WCW ( Woman Crush Wednesday)…. I would really like to be someone’s WCW just to know what it feels like……is it vanity talking? Perhaps.

5. I love that I have been sleeping well these past few weeks. This is a pretty big deal for me since I have insomnia. Its been on and off for a very long time but for these past few weeks, I have been going to bed without any sleeping aid which is awesome

6. I am going to be hosted on the wonderful Fiona Laker’s blog this Tuesday. She has an on going series on weakness and I look forward to participating. It will be the first time I am hosted…..awesome things all round are happening.

7. My dear Beaton, I am penning your letter….I hope to be done by the end of next week. Looking up flowery words in the dictionary is hard work.


8. I interviewed (and I believe I’m still interviewing) a person who has fast become one of my very favorite poets. Seriously, take a look at this…… He has a book out called BLVCK ink…and I will soon be reviewing it. 😅 As well as posting our interview.

9. I set out to read 20 books this week. Unfortunately adulting couldn’t allow me to indulge myself, I only got as far as 13, adulting sucks.😫 if I had one wish, I’d wish for a job where all I do is read. Publishing companies, please hear my wish.

10. Have y’all looked at Sharon’s latest series? She’s talking about the first few days after a wedding. Check it out.
The Man with whom I share my Bed(1)

11. If I haven’t said it before, let me say it, I love Sinawo Bukani…

Happy Sunday every one!


15 thoughts on “Random Musings

  1. Hi Mable♥♥♥♥♥
    I think my last instagram upload was an I woke up like this no filter things hahahahahaha yeah so deep down we are all vain and all that… The real world sucks so we make believe sometimes we even believe it too……

    YOu know what they say

    Inspiration might get you started but perseverance keeps you keeping on

    and if you do something long enough it becomes a habit… so the daily exercise thing its hard at first hurts too **insert cliche about whats not making you stronger probably killing you or something like that** but after awhle not so much and becomes kinda fun…. I have done this, I do this ^_^

    If I am not mistaken…. that letter is long overdue really from last year ….I love the way it starts and I absolutely cant wait to read it…. and reply too… ooooh…. which also reminds me didnt I ask you to guest feature on my blog then you sort of just never quite answered????

    Thanks for the Shout Out and all
    much love♥♥♥♥


    I want to immortalize you the only way I know how….


    *******You will never guess who will be my next #WCW ♥♥♥♥

    1. Hehehe….looking up words in the dictionary is very hard work….
      🙈 you did ask and I have no excuse….I’m sorry.
      And thank you so much.

  2. Mable…!!!
    Don’t to this to a girl again
    I ran looking for the part where you write Beaton a letter only to be told my patience needed to be put to good use

    I am your first host…!?
    *happy dance* though it might mean I have to keep up appearances and all… But you said it all up there… Why the fuss?

    Someone once told me that once you pretend around people you will never feel loved even when your actually loved

    All that said thanks for sharing.. Am also battling adding weight.. Baby steps and all

    OK bye

  3. true all these public figures are o pressure and they are lost in being others but themselves
    You have never been WCW. now you Qualify to be mine. Dm me you coolest pic (insta only takes cool pics) then Wednesday is solved
    Dont try gym and exercise my dear eat as much as you want that life isnt sustainable
    sharon(hoping thats me) Is she married? Even me i wasnt invited how come?

  4. Wooooww… Mable 20 books a week?? How big are these volumes?? Because the kind of adulting I am going through has had me stick with a book for over a month and a half now!! Thank you on the lead to Sharon’s post—Jeezzz, am all forms of shy RN. Also why did I blush like Beaton’s letter was fully written, maybe because the beginning evokes an interest of where it might all end (Hahaha,, forgive my insane mind)… Otherwise I sure do love your random thoughts..

    1. Cynthia my friend, insanity runs in the both of us, Lol….. The volumes are not that big, I’ve been reading Terry Pratchett’s discworld series and I’m on book 16 of 41 books…..
      Thanks for reading these crazy thoughts of mine. 😅😅😅

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