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Psalms  119:23 Princes also did sit and speak against me: but thy servant did meditate in thy statutes.


3. When do you meditate?
In the preceding message
I skipped elaborating a verse, serving as a precursor to this message…
Reading through the Psalms I noticed patterns where meditation is alluded to.


One of these was that the Psalmist often meditated in times of distress:

Psalm 5, David’s meditation is basically a prayer for protection against his enemies.

Psalm 77, Asaph opens with a narration of great discomfort and sings of meditation in vs. 12.

Psalm 119;
:17-24 Gimel portrays a gathering of leaders against yet chosing to meditate on His statutes and His testimonies for counselling.
:41-48 Vau shows a coming of him that reproaches and triggers a meditation in His statutes.
:78 Jod shows a perverse dealing without a cause and the reaction is meditation in His precepts.
:98 Mem sings of ever having enemies in between two verses on meditation.
:145-152 Koph shows a hoping and meditating in God’s word for the approach of mischievous lawless people.

Psalm 143, David prays for deliverance from his enemy and mentions meditation in vs. 5.

Joshua (Joshua 1) is commanded to meditate at a time a young Israel was preparing for war and conquest. He was told to be strong and courageous. The great Moses, his mentor, had died. The task ahead was great. Even I would need some reassurance.

In the beginnings (Genesis 24), Isaac is out meditating (vs. 63). His mother had died and his wife was yet to arrive.

In conclusion; it’s possible to consider that these are coincidences that meditation is mentioned after the death of Sarah and Moses and when it seemed a Psalmist was under attack; indeed there are other times they all could have been meditating before and after; and that’s okay.


But I choose to pick these flags up and extract a suggestion:
There is no specified time to meditate, but whenever you are in distress, that is the best time to meditate.
Some may deem it escapism; but I deem it wisdom.


Larry d’Crazie

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