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Insomnia Things

habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep.
synonyms: sleeplessness, wakefulness, restlessness, inability to sleep
“I’ve tried every wild remedy for insomnia, including cinnamon baths and standing on my head”



Time check; 2:59 AM  

I interrupt your regular sleeping time to bring you this plea for help. Ah, who am I kidding? Unless you are reading this from those countries that have no night, you will probably find this in the morning….wait, it already is morning. AND I STILL HAVE NO WINK OF SLEEP WHATSOEVER!

So if if there’s anyone reading this, please tell Mr. Sandman to give me some sleep dust. I am a little desperate over here.

The Sandman you have abandoned me. For the past two months(60 days, 1440 hours) I have may be clocked in 600 hours which is approximately 10 days making it about 21/2 hours a night.

At least my math skills don’t suck…..silver linings and all

3:30 AM                                                                                         

Mr. Sandman naawe, Don’t be mean. You and I go a long way back. You remember how you used to sprinkle your sleep dust at me at the most inopportune time. During a lesson, in a taxi, mid conversation with a guy I had a crush on…People actually envied me then. They envied our relationship. Now they just look at me with pity. Like they would a sad puppy or a person slowly unravelling because of Insomnia. (sad emoticon)

Did I take you granted, possibly. And for this I am extremely sorry. You were the one thing that was constant in my life. Now you are abandoning me too. Komawo naawe.

4:20 AM                                

Wait, what did you say….Read! Read! I can not freaking concentrate!


It is literally thinking up ways to kill you right now. So if I were you, Mr. Sandman I would run for the hills. Better yet, this version of The Donald Trump that I used to kind of, maybe, possibly, liked says it better for me.                                                                                         



Now let me just look for the gun.

5:40 AM

I am so sorry, I did not mean what I said. We are not over. Please come back. Don’t leave me. Just ignore the fact that I am ugly crying right now. Please just come back. We go back a long way you and I.

You have been my longest relationship. The only relationship I have ever had. Please. PLEASE. Komawo eka.

6:20 AM


6:50 AM

Well here’s a sunset, that I never asked to see. Or is it a sunrise. Now see, I am relegated to zombie status because of you. I can barely see what I am typing. You and I are THROUGH Mr.Sandman. Lose my number.

8:00 AM

Boss: How did you sleep?

Me: 635793368290684253-467324651_patrick sleep







10:00 PM

Okay so I don’t necessarily hate you. I love you. We’ve been through a lot you and I. We battled monsters and counted over one thousand sheep and we came out on top. Don’t roll your eyes. You know its true. Now I just want just a little bit of your sleep dust. Just for tonight. I don’t ask for much in this relationship, do I?

12:00 PM



6 thoughts on “Insomnia Things

  1. Aye, I see I am not alone in this tihihi. Henewe, I long stopped trying to change it. Embrace ze night muahaha. Anyway, seriously it’s so cool to be up late(except you regret it during the day)

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