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Freedom to Express…..Dumb Thoughts

So this week’s theme is Freedom of expression. And I, in my capacity as the owner of the mattress I’m currently seated* on, have decided that its my week to express a lot of things that I have kept inside for long. (Side note: why on earth is it seated and not sitted?)

These are the things that have been locked inside a safe in the deep dark trenches that make up my mind. Mbu the world was not ready for them. Deep down inside, where the sun don’t……you get the point.
They, those mean people, kept telling me…….


Erra I thank the powers that be, because today, I am coming out, so to speak (well, write really), of the closet!….Er, perhaps I should find a better metaphor. I am breaking out!
I’m breaking out, I feel it in my bones tadadada systems go. Welcome to the new age, to the new age..
*cue awesome air guitar solo that makes everyone look at me like I’m loco*
I’m getting off track. That happens a lot. Just ask all the people who have had the unfortunate pleasure of engaging me in a conversation (please don’t ask them, they’ll say I’m awesome and I just, I can’t deal with the all the love you’ll send my way).
I start a conversation about beans and somehow I end up talking about space. We may be talking about songs and somehow I end up talking about rocks….Well the rocks thing makes sense, seeing as I am a petroleum geoscientist and not to be vain or anything, but I kind of have to slip that into every conversation so that whoever I’m talking to knows that I’m a petroleum geoscientist. Never mind the fact that I’m not employed in that field.
Anti, in the words of a one Mun G, amafuta tegana kuula. Directly translated: the oil has not yet grown.
Okay, off topic again, please forgive the petroleum geoscientist….
Meanwhile people, me I’m not dumb…. But I have dumb thoughts from time to time. Like we all do. Y’all like to call them blonde moments…poor blondes. I hope you know that that’s racist, (why don’t we call it blondist? I mean we are discriminating against blondes….wait, it should probably be hairist since it is the colour of hair we are discriminating against, right?).
Heneway I have a few thoughts;
How did the brightest minds of old miss the fact that the earth is round for so long?
In fact how did they even think that the sun would go around the earth and not the other way round?
Was Nostradamus really a prophet? I mean the guy’s predictions were pretty accurate.
What was running through the mind of the Catholic priests when they labelled Galileo a heretic? No wait, I have the answer to that.
World domination? Why would anyone think that that’s a good idea? It may seem small, but the world is pretty huge.
What is with this whole BDSM craze? I blame that porno, 50 shades….sweet Jesus! The writing of the book was so bad… It was like a train wreck that I couldn’t look away from…the characters were malnourished. The plot really nonexistent. It just sucked.
King Henry the eighth, six wives? Not all at once like our very own Jacob Zuma but rather, one after the other, did he have much love for each one of them? Did he really have to behead two of them? Was he into BDSM?
What’s to blame for global warming? Is it us, the humans? Or is it the sun? Which, by the way, has been steadily cooling for sometime now.
Who on earth was Lucy? And why is she the basis for evolutionism?
Does Alchemy really work?
Extreme feminism (the bra-burning-hate-all-men kind), good or bad?
Why is everyone so mad that Kadaga went to a shrine? She did it in broad day light, how about the ones that do do it in the dark? (Teeheee do do)
What exactly is freedom of expression? Is it an ideal that is attainable? Is it an idea that some will abuse? (I refer you to Subtleroyalty’s post ). Is it good or is it bad?
Where on earth is D.B. Cooper?
How cool is it that I’m a petroleum geoscientist?

So many thoughts/questions. So little time.

Disclaimer: the writer wrote this when her mind had taken a vacation. So she’s basically having a blonde moment..

10 thoughts on “Freedom to Express…..Dumb Thoughts

  1. Enter your comment here……… Thats what this box is prompting me, what if I do not want to make a comment but rather state an observation or lyrics from a song…. ^_^
    I’m waking up to ash and dust
    I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust
    I’m breathing in the chemicals

    anyhoo so geo petro what now cant spell that without looking it up…. its not rocket science but its kinda like rock science lol……
    Discrimination against hair colour is real, I am considering getting those blonde highlights in my locks, cause I can and apparently when they are not being dumb, blondes have all the fun whoop whoop.

    1. Hihi, they actually really really do have a lot more fun than ‘normal’ boring peeps. And because they are blonde they don’t have to worry about being politically correct.. I support you!
      Psssst…when you do debut the blonde highlights, please mention me as inspiration, please? πŸ˜‰
      Also, I had to dash and view lyrics of the song….all this time, I’ve been singing it all wrong :(….but my air guitar skills make up for my lack of lyric-knowledge

      1. absolutely I will tag you ^_^

        a moment of silence for people who grew up without Google or AZ lyrics and lived and died singing the wrong lyrics to a song
        what a time to be alive with the internet and all…..
        I play Guitar Hero on my phone if it counts for anything hahahahaha

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