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Guest Blogger: Are You Ready For Me?


Sharon Mbabazi is the definition of beauty and brains. She’s a woman after God’s own heart. Her smile is amazing. And she’s my twin sister. Seriously! We were born in the same day, though in different years….so twins! And she wrote this wonderful piece. Enjoy…

If I asked you if you’re ready for the challenge would you take it?
Or would you walk away without even trying.
If I made you a promise to be faithful to you in both my words and actions, would you do the same?
Or would you say words you don’t mean then disrespect me without thinking twice?
I am a woman, and I would like to think a lady, too.
I’m no slay queen, nor make up queen, Damn, I don’t even have an hour glass on me, but I know what I bring to the table. Can I trust you to bring the same too?
I need a man. Yes a MAN. Not a boy in a man’s body, a man in a man’s body.
To love me like Christ loves the church. Now look I’m not saying I’m perfect and don’t get it twisted that’s not an excuse. I am working daily to be the wife of noble character, to bring you good all the days of your life. I want you to be praised at the city gates and for you to have confidence in me and appreciate my value.


I am under God’s construction, an everyday work-in-progress.
So let me ask you…are you under God’s construction to be the man, husband and father you are called to be? Or are you still trying to fit in with the world.
Are you still trying to be accepted by a culture and society that thinks it knows what a man and a woman ought to be?
Are you growing up, or have you decided not to.
I am ready for you.
Question is are you ready for me?


Find her on twitter @J22Sharon

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