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My one resolution this year was to write more often. And this opportunity was just heaven sent… The 30- day blogging challenge. I spied this on the awesomazing’s Laker Fiona’s blog and I thought to myself, why not!
I, Amuron Mable, the laziest blogger known (to myself), am going to participate in the 30 day blogging challenge…. Wooooh!
So here goes nothing:


Day 1: My Blog’s Name

Well, my blog’s name is, Growing Pains.
I believe that life is just a process of growth. Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth. With this growth come a few pains a long the way. Otherwise, what is life?
But it is in those pains, obstacles, challenges, problems, wrinkles that we learn and most importantly, grow.
Each stage of life comes with its own challenges.
I named my blog Growing Pains because I’m still learning and definitely still growing!
So, that’s it. Day 1 down, 29 to go….pheeeeewks. I hope I have the gumption to go through with this

Xs Os


  1. Growing pains
    I had always wondered what it actually meant at some point I thought maybe the pains were piling but now it’s all clear 😄

    As for the intro spied 😂😂😂 really
    Anyway 29days underway 💪💪💪💪

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