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Thoughts That Keep Me Up At Night.

Wasn’t Rose in that Titanic movie actually selfish? There was enough space on that floating wood for her and Jack and a couple of other random people as well. I guess Hollywood wanted to pull on our heart strings by having Jack die a death that could have been prevented. WHY DIDN’T HE GET ON THE DAMN WOOD!?

A black man in a hoodie who’s bullet proof. Luke Cage is a great hero. Flipping the script on black men stereotypes.

Do the people at UMEME actually know just how incompetent they are?

Why were the accents in Black Panther so bad? Do Americans imagine that’s how we speak? Thi streng of di blek penta strrripped eweeei.

The accents,the 3rd act brouhaha and the strange CGI were my qualms with the movie.

With China introducing a rating system where citizens with the highest ratings have better lives, are we not going to see the scenario in the Nosedive episode of Black Mirror happening? People doing just about anything for higher ratings? To get better lives? Won’t it be a case of the rich getting more privileges and the poorer getting worse?

How is this government going to collect this soso media tax? Did they know that OTT (Over The Top) apps actually mean things like Netflix and Hulu, not social media? Do they care to know? Can’t lawyers get them on this technicality? Also when I use the soso media for education purposes, how will they know? Education is learning, right? Am I not learning something new daily on soso media? Like the power of memes

What really is at the floor of the ocean…. Why are we worried about conquering space when we haven’t explored the depths of the oceans to maximum?

Area 51, do people really believe in aliens? Is the idea that we are alone in the universe so scary? Must we poke the universe to see what will happen?

Who else agrees with me that writing is freaking hard? That pouring yourself on paper for the world to see and judge is not easy but we do it anyway. Why do we do it?

Thanos, was he wrong in his thinking? Yes it was flawed, but wasn’t he right? Isn’t the earth too populated and with its limited resources? Why did he have to wipe out half the universe though? Couldn’t he create the resources with a snap of his finger? Isn’t he like the villain in Dan Brown’s Inferno? The one who created a virus that rendered the half the world sterile? An argument is made for these mad men/scientists who think it’s their duty to save earth, like the Mother Nature can’t balance itself.

Also what is with his changing colours? Did Thanos use lightening cream? Is that why he’s mad at the world?

Isn’t Deadpool the funniest and most awesome super hero? I love how he ribs on the other superheroes and how he makes fun of the superhero plots while still going through the same plots. He is just so unapologetically weird.

Why am I still awake at this time? Why can’t I sleep? Why is that sandman mean with his sleep sand? Why aren’t the sheep cooperating? Why don’t they want to be counted?

24 thoughts on “Thoughts That Keep Me Up At Night.

  1. Why are the thoughts so uncoordinated, is that how it is everyday, flying in unparalleled directions?

  2. “Also what is with his changing colours? Did Thanos use lightening cream? Is that why he’s mad at the world?”,looooooooooooooooool .I can`t with these thoughts in your head

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ issa valid question. He kept becoming progressively light through the movies.. Maybe the Fair And Lovely cream didn’t work the way it was supposed toπŸ˜‚

  3. I doubt the universe can balance itself at this point. Man has proclaimed himself the greatest of all creations and most of his acts and creations are unnatural. Killing for recreational purposes instead of food. Animals and ethnic groups don’t go extinct because they can’t adapt. It’s genocide. All done by man.

      1. Mother nature’s way of putting humans in check is Ebola, malaria, HIV and fellow man. Takes me back to the negative checks in economics class.

  4. First of all… Deadpool is not a super hero, deadpool is more an antihero, though the x men are trying to recruit him through colossus are trying to set him on the good good path….
    Secondly I think Thanos had a point the whole balance thing, though yeah maybe he he didnt really fully understand the full implications of having the power of the infinity stones, well it hadnt been done, so maybe that explains why could he with a snap of the fingers make new resources
    oh and did you watch the first Kingsman movie, the villain was also on a balance tip saying humanity was a virus and the solution is cull

          1. but I thought you knew lol we are as alike as two peas in pods separated by nothing but the ground they were planted

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