I did everything they told me to
I hid my afro
Because they said it was ugly
I wore what they said
Was hip and hot
And on trend
I smiled when they told me to
I ate what they told me to
I drank what they said was okay
Tequila, rum, whiskey, beer
They named it, I drank it.
I went to the best places.
The places they said were trendy
I joined the apps they said I should
They said to be socially relevant
I should apply myself
So I did.
I did everything
I followed their instructions to a T
The men behind the curtains
They dictate who I should be
Now I don’t even know myself

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This girl is all these things and more. Smiley. Ambivert. Reading Junkie. Wordsmith. Editor. Nerd. Cynical Optimist. Christian. Tea Aficionado. Sock Enthusiast. Book Reviewer.

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