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Book Review: Adavera

Author: Rachael A.Z Mutabingwa Genre: Speculative Fiction Book Blurb: Preston Pakello’s life seems to begin only when the death of a stranger brings three sisters to his home; the Island of Adavera. His life becomes intricately intertwined with theirs, and the journey each one takes, leaves a trail for the other to follow. All the while, the Island keeps a careful watch.

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Book Review: Kas Kazi

Author: The Hekaya Arts Initiative Book Blurb: Abdi wants to create a new tune and galvanise his dying band, find his father and, reunite with his lover. When his love is tested, Abdi follows the winds north from Kilwa to Mombasa, carrying his hopes and dreams along. He must survive heartbreak and escape a near death experience to overcome the folly of youth. Back from London with a heavy baggage, Mumtaz must deal with the reality that hers is a small town. Can she withstand the guilt and gossip?

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Author: Dilman Dila Publisher: Black Letter Media.  Synopsis: A killing in the sun is a collection of speculative fiction from Africa. It draws from the rich oral culture of the author’s childhood, to tell a wide variety of stories. Some of these stories are set in a futuristic Africa, where technology has transformed everyday life and a dark force rules. Others are set in the present day, with refugee aliens from outer space, ghosts haunting brides and grooms, evil scientists stalking villages, and greedy corporations creating apocalypses. There are murder mysteries, tales of reincarnation and of the walking dead, and …

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