Growing Pains

An Alien To The Status Quo

Let me start this off by saying, I love Tiffany Haddish. She has quickly become my favourite female comedian.
She is so wonderfully honest, a little kookoo but also very real about her life and experiences.

I first saw Tiffany in Tyler Perry’s If Loving You is Wrong, back when it had just began and Tyler Perry’s name on a project meant the project would be good. (spoiler alert: it wasn’t good, but if you like soaps that drag on and on, go for it.)
And then she popped up in The Carmichael Show and Keanu and the world finally noticed when she stole the show in the raunchy R-rated comedy, GirlsTrip


She is absolutely phenomenal.
Since pop culture sometimes goes over my head, I had no idea that she had written a book until I watched her interview with Trevor Noah on YouTube.
I got the book the very next day.


She doesn’t pull any punches with this book. She lays it down as it happened in her life.
From being molested as a child and not knowing that was happening to her abusive marriage with her ex-husband to her complicated relationship with her mother and father. She also talks about growing up in the foster care system, a brief stint in the church of Scientology and dating a handicap guy called Roscoe which is perhaps the best story I have ever heard.
The book is written in the style in which she speaks. So as you’re reading, it’s almost like you are listening to her speak.
The book is as funny as it is deep. I loved the fact that she acknowledges the fact that she still has issues that she’s struggling with and how she needs to grow. And she shows, with this book, that not all that glitters is gold.
It’s also really poignant and sad at the same time. She has the ability to turn what would be the saddest story into comedy gold.


Tiffany Haddish, I love you! Keep prospering. We’re rooting for you!

This Book Is A Must Read!

8 thoughts on “Book Review: The Last Black Unicorn

  1. I kind of don’t remember her in Tyler Perry’s if loving you is wrong though…but that book sounds like a must read indeed….

  2. I really need to read this book too. This lady seems like the female version of Trevor Noah. I burst out in laughter when she narrated the story of how she pimped side chicks for her husband!!! Couldn’t believe her!

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