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Since yesterday was a day of celebration,


Why was I celebrating yesterday? You ask. Well, to my portfolio, I can now add award winning scriptwriter and voice-over artist.

See, at the Uganda Film Festival Awards (UFFAs) on Friday, an animation whose production I was part of won the best animation!

I am all sorts of excited… And I can’t wait for all of you to see this labour of passion.

The 2D animation short is based on a poem I wrote, about a time passed and war that is still being fought on female genital mutilation. It’s written from the perspective of a young girl who’s recounting the moments before going through an infibulation.

I think I am now a certified celebrity and I can give autographs, like a doctor certified to prescribe medicines. The autographs are free now but will get considerably expensive when I get an Oscar.

Here is the short description of the animation short.

Based on a Poem written by Barbara Amuron and animated by Byarugaba Mark, Wambete Andrew and Levi Allio, Chebet is Samaritan Multimedia Studio’s 2D animated short paying tribute to the greatly progressive effort that has led to the largely successful eradication of female genital mutilation by recounting the final moments leading up to an infibulation session through the eyes of a young girl, the victim.

And here is the award winning Chebet

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  1. Hungovered (totally making that up) trying to fit in with this amazing writing skill of yours….but failing miserably…thank God am still celebrating the WIN…my celebrity friend!

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