Growing Pains

An Alien To The Status Quo

One Night….

So, this beautiful lady started this poem…. She wrote the first five lines and I have attempted to complete and nail her vision.

This is Mercy and yes she's a pilot.

And when he dropped the bills
The will in short, the bliss
She couldn’t resist
The temptation was just too strong
Marital insanity was her unspoken truth
Her husband, obtuse and uncouth
The urge to
Change, rearrange reality.
Just for a little while
So strong
The bills helped, of course.
Convince, shape her decision;
For just one night
She was breaking the rules
The noose, temporarily loosed
Soon the madness would ensue
But just for one night
She was going to be bad
And life be damned.

13 thoughts on “One Night….

  1. Bootiful sister, you got me blushing my as the honourable basoga say ‘budengo’ out. That’s a nice twist that I hadn’t planned on. I bow

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