Growing Pains

An Alien To The Status Quo

I know you.
You, who’s looking at me.
I know you.
With your eyebrows and makeup
Trying to be like all the girls in the magazines

I know you
Every day you stare at the mirror
Hoping to see a different face
A shiny face
A face that meets
Society’s beauty standards
So that guy
Or any guy really
Will look and say
‘Look at that beauty’
Then you’ll feel good
About yourself
You’ll feel beautiful
Oh how I know you

I know you
Oh how my heart breaks for you
Oh how I wish it weren’t so
How I wish you’d see
That all that paint
Is just a mask you hide behind
How I wish you would love you
The real you
And not what you show the world
To gain approval
How I wish you’d appreciate
How unique you are
How smart you are
How Beautiful you are
Baby, I know you
Because I am you


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