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Guest Post: Figure out your Message

I am always blessed by what Hamiisi K. Holland posts. Always! And I just had to copy and paste this here. I really hope this post about figuring out your message blesses you just as much as it blessed me. 🙂 I give you Hamiisi!!!

Hamiisi K. Holland

There is so much media out there that everything is breaking out and transforming a little. Sadly, most of you do not know how to use the internet.We are called the dotcom generation but I doubt we even know what the term means.
When this year was beginning, I came to a realization that we nolonger live in an industrial economy, but we live in a connection economy and the people who thrive in this economy are people who have a specialized knowledge.
They are the people who know that they are more than papers. You nolonger need to be justified by a paper to do what you are good at. You are more than a paper.
Once you come to a realization that we live in a connection economy, the best use of your time is to figure out YOUR MESSAGE.
Ask questions. Be curious. It is the questions that drive our lives.
Why are you here? Figure out your message and then figure out the platform.
One of the most outstanding statements in one of the best books ever written (The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco) is this: To make millions, impact millions. And don’t focus on money, focus on the value you can give to people.
“Stir up the gift of God which is in you.” 2 Timothy 1:6.
And you cannot make millions unless you know your platform well.
Messi doesn’t make millions because he is simply a good soccer player. He makes millions because he displays his talent on a bigger platform.
Speaking of platforms…Did you know that you can now self-publish without a publisher on Amazon?
You can make a TV show without a network on YouTube.
You can now make a great all-star radio show with a podcast without any radio station.
This trend of “now I can only be heard” is only going to get bigger every year, every day.
But none of the platforms matter as long as you know your message.
I challenge you to figure out your message.
“A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men.” Proverbs 18:16.
If you are good at singing, go study every detail of YouTube. Or iTunes. Study everything to do with music. Study music made in the 17th century. 18th century.
You need to know the history of your niche before you can become a master of it.
You think it is hard work? Then find another niche. If you are willing to read a minimum of 200 books in that niche, then you have found your niche.
Same applies to comedy. Use this as your metric: Why should I listen to you or watch your show rather than the thousands out there?
Friend, you are here for a purpose. So say something unique and with vision that is worth hearing or watching. Then say it loud and everywhere you can.
You don’t need permission. Permission is granted.

Dedication song: Brave by Sara Bareilles.

And in closing, you need Jesus. Man, it is useless to focus on all this when your soul is in danger.
How is it said? “What good is it to gain the whole world and lose your soul?”
Jesus solved a big problem. And in order to effect your purpose and mission effectively, you need to be born again. I tell you a truth…

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