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For The Love Of Theatre: A Journey Into KITF

The one thing that humans do so well is, create. What distinguishes us from the other species in the animal kingdom is our ability to create stories with whatever medium we choose. As human beings evolved so did their art forms. From cave paintings to Leonardo De Vinci’s Mona Lisa and books. From stories told by the fireplace to theater to movies.

While movies are great, one could argue that they are the greatest invention of entertainment, nothing quite matches theater. A lot of people have written off theater because it is not as readily available as movies but the artistry involved in the preparation and presentation of theater is something that we don’t fully appreciate.

I’m not a theater buff, I can’t tell you which terms means what when speaking about theater. However, I’m just a lover of all things stories. And a staunch supporter of all things Ugandan artistry. And, having been part of the team that brought Killing Time to life, I know just how much goes into a production. And how much creativity is poured into a single one hour production. From the writing, to the costumes, the actors, the lights, the music. Everything works together to bring something captivating to the audience.

One of my favourite movies that came out in 2020 was the stage musical, Hamilton. Hamilton embodies the magic that we feel when we watch a live performance.

There is absolute magic in a live performance. I felt it when I watched Esteri Tebandeke be brilliant in Tropical Fish. I felt it when I watched Tebere Arts Foundation’s Rope. I felt it when I watched Killing Time come to life.

Which is why I’m so excited for the Kampala Theatre Festival this year… I’m excited to see and hear all that has been prepared for us, the audience. Tebere Arts Foundation has consistently put out productions that are well thought-out and entertaining. I am very interested to see the heights that this year’s productions will reach.

As a casual theater follower, I’m excited for the stories we are going to get at the 9th edition of the Kampala International Theater Festival and the priceless creativity we are going to be blessed with from the 23rd to the 27th of November.

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