Growing Pains

An Alien To The Status Quo

Day Four: Musings


It has been brought to my attention that my fiction has been rather dark lately, between evil Boris Kodjoe lookalike, Mr.Asiimwe and the dead Kenneth, its all gloom and doom. So today I’ll take a break from the story with no fitting title and write something light……I think. Something with rainbows and daisies and unicorns and a happy ending. Atleast. Today.

Blinking cursor….. blinking cursor

……hey guys look, the cursor is blinking… looks so preeeetty! Okay. I think I’ve just been hypnotized by the blinking cursor. I need to stop looking at this freaking blinking cursor!

One, two, three, four, five, teacher waiting at the door
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten

I think I’ve forgotten the words to this nursery rhyme.

Maybe I should wait for inspiration to strike, you know, like lightening! As I wait let me chew on some salted groundnuts,, or as the bougie people call it, piiirnat burtter (read: peanut butter)…and like lightening, it shall surely strike….and i will write something that will make people laugh and think of rainbows and daisies and unicorns and all that crap!
My Muse. My Muse ain’t loyal…
If only he/she would grace me with his/her presence (I’m not sure if the Muse is female or male).
In the words of that one bright dude i have the pleasure of knowing…. ” The relationship between my Muse and I is complicated at best…..”

OMG there goes the guy I have a crush on, he’s so handsome, so dreamy….and there go my silly sweaty hands. My heart is racing faster than a formula one car…
.I must look serious! Well not so serious! I don’t want to scare him away. Where are these glasses when I need them? Apparently, according to that one weird dirty-minded friend I have (we all have them, if you don’t have one, then you are the one), they make me look like a sexy librarian. Don’t know how that became a thing. But apparently it is. Wait. Do I have any tomorrow-tomorrow?
Craaaap…..he’s smiling at me.
Do I have any kikati in my teeth?
Swipe the teeth with the tongue and give him your best smile!
Wait he’s not looking anymore, craaaaap…..

Finally! An idea for a story!
Once upon a time
Edward ran into the building with his superhuman strength was able to save Bella but Jacob also ran in, all sinewy muscles and ripped abs and held on to Bella. Giving her a single white rose and she knew……
Wait I think that’s the plot for twilight and some obscure mills and boon novel.

And then they lived happily never after.

Well that’s not sunny and light and rainbowy.
Let me go back to fantasizing about my crush.
And how his gait holds a perfect trait.(OMG THAT RHYMED, THAT ACTUALLY RHYMED!)

I am outta here!

Kajambo Andrew.

That one time I watched Ramon firimu productions and a car that was shot bled! Seriously, it bled!

I give up. Let me complete this story with no title. Second installment coming soon. See y’all tomorrow.

Gossip girl. Mable.

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